drop-in tub framing

armoSeptember 11, 2009

I've noticed drop-in tubs being installed either in an alcove using a flange or on an island with the tile being slid under the lip of the tub.

My question is this. Can it be installed any other way? Can the framing be taken near the top of the tub so that the tile around the tub is almost flush with the top of the tub? Would silicon between the tub and tile be enough to protect from any moisture or water seeping down?


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Yes, you can set the tub on the framing and then tile up to the tub rim. It's perfectly acceptable construction method. The reason I don't do it that way is that then the cut edge of the tile is showing, so you've got to be really good with your cuts. I'd rather have my cuts tucked under the lip of the tub. :-)

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Ditto what weedy said. I helped DS/DIL tile a tub that was already in place. It took some tedious cuts and careful grouting to get a finish I was happy with between the tile and tub.
I tried caulk and it just didn't give the smooth look I was after.....plus, we couldn't find it in the right color.

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