Changing Exterior Facade--Help & Opinions Please!

bensmomSeptember 3, 2006

Below is a link to an exterior shot of our home(it was last Christmas so there is snow in the shot, but I think you can still see it). It is very 70's/80's with cream colored siding at the top with brown shutters and brown stone at the bottom, and the second floor "sticks out" about a foot farther than the first(hope that makes sense). Money is an issue, as we are also going to be working on the inside as well, but do realize that it will take a sizable amount. We keep getting stuck on what to do, though. I've tried using computer programs to draw it up but haven't had much luck. Can anyone here give me opinions on what some of our options would be?

Thanks in advance,


Here is a link that might be useful: Exterior

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Your house looks like a Christmas card, I don't see what you don't like about it. We just finished completely changing our exterior from wood to stucco and from wood roof to tile, and changed all the doors and windows from aluminum sliders to gorgeous wood ones. I can tell you that an exterior change is horrendously expensive, so if money is tight I would recommend you spend your money inside the house where you get more bang for the buck.
Do you want to change the style of the house or the colors? Are you considering getting rid of the stone?

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The addition of a roofed front porch could go a long way toward enhancing the curb appeal of your house. Nothing too elaborate, but perhaps a simple gable with a handsome, well-proportioned column at each front corner. You might also think about replacing the upper floor windows with some that more harmonious with those on the ground floor.

An architect could probably sketch something out for you very quickly for a very modest fee. You wouldn't necessarily need elaborate plans if you have a good builder and if your local planning department didn't require precise drawings. Architects have an eye for proportion, which should be an important consideration. You'd want a porch addition to be properly scaled.

What colour is the roof? Darkening the paint on the upper floor with a colour that harmonizes with the dark stone and the roof would tend to give the house a more grounded look and pull it together. As it is now, the second floor kind of looks like it's hovering above the ground.

Finally, the little topiary balls along the foundation do little to make the house settle into its surroundings. They would be fine along either side of a front walk, but a better choice for foundation plantings would be some shrubbery in more natural forms at various heights. Good foundation plantings can dramatically alter one's initial impression of a house and give the place a look of being more nestled into the landscape. Have you thought of adding some trees to your front garden? Trees have a way of making houses look more established and always lend a certain grace.

Your house is very appealing, but I think you're right, a little tweak here and there will enhance its appeal.

Hope this helps.


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