Unreasonable to ask for copy of GC's liability policy?

la_koalaSeptember 3, 2011


I can't tell if I'm being unreasonable or not, and would like some opinions. Am I unreasonable to ask for a copy of my GC's commercial liability insurance?

We got a copy of our GC's Certificate of Insurance, that lists his commercial liability coverage, dates of coverage, etc. I read in a book that it's beneficial for us to have a copy of the actual policy too, to know what the terms of coverage are.

However, when I asked him, the GC told me that he's been in business for years, and never had anyone ask for a copy of the policy. And has not sent a copy.

Would I be unreasonable to press this point? My spouse doesn't want to "rock the boat" with this GC, as he has a great reputation and we have not found any red flags in his references or anything we can find.


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I presume you would know nhow to read a commercial liability insurance policy? I am a licensed and insured master electrician and no one has ever asked us for a copy of the policy which is about 20 pages long.

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I think your getting a certificate of insurance is quite enough. Asking for the policy itself is over-reaching, IMO.

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DH has been a master plumber and in business for himself for almost 15 years. Nobody has ever asked for the copy of the actual policy. I think I would be suspicious if someone asked. I would be worried this is a sign they were going to be a "problem" customer.

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Hey thanks everyone for responding!

And I really appreciate getting the points of view from those of you who are professionals, or know professionals in the business. It helps to get your input that no one has asked to read your insurance policies in the past. This is our first large reno project, and it's been a challenge to figure out what's "normal", and how to take advice written in a book vs from people in real life.

Thanks again!

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"copy of the policy which is about 20 pages long."

You have a short one.

My PE insurance policy is well over 80 pages of painfully fine print, most of which declines coverage for prior projects (other companies are on the hook for those).

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My company subs to GCs on jobs and it's regular practice to provide them a copy of our Certificate of Insurance with them as a named insured. Insurance companies routinely produce COIs for their customers to provide to their customers. I've never had anyone request the entire policy, as the COI serves the needed function.

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