Is anyone stressing yet lol??

rosajoe_gwDecember 14, 2011

I baked cookies and a Paula Deen 'gooey cake' to be delivered today with a donation for the nursing homes in our county.

Tomorrow I am baking a red velvet cheesecake for our family party Saturday.

Friday I am baking more cookies and another cake for the 'special needs' party that afternoon. My 'special' nephew will be here from CA to help me deliver them. Today I am delivering the goodies I bought for their stockings for the party.

Tonight I must wrap presents and make sure I have them all and wash the 'cat' quilt.

My fam from FL will be here Friday and I plan to make chicken and dumplings, my DGD's favorite.

Saturday morning I bake 2 hams and side dishes for the family party.

And after that NO PLANS, it is over and Christmas week will be very quiet. Thank goodnes lol!!!!

I love this time of the year, but everything was this week and I still have laundry and a house that needs cleaning!

Heading out to the gym Rosa!

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Rosa, I hope they cut that gooey cake in small pieces! That stuff is RICH! But soooo yummy.

What time should I be there for the chicken & dumplings? :)

I don't cook (unless forced to), so have never baked and stuff for Christmas. A few years ago we stopped stressing over gifts that no one really needs and make donations to a few charities in honor of our family and friends. stress here! With my job at church (we have 11 services between 12/23 and 12/25) and hubby's job at a pack & ship store, we have plenty of busy-ness and stress this time of year.


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Stress not allowed here. Made a huge pot of chicken soup yesterday, went to DGD's choral and band concert last night and made 4 batches of Aunt Louise's Pound Cake today and a pair of fleece socks. The dishes are done, I have a heating pad on my back and am now watching Call Me Claus. Might take a bit of a snooze........

No stress........


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Rosa, my Holiday schedule is similar to yours! HUGE stuff going on at work with my boss retiring after 20 years; Friday is her last day so you can imagine all the festivities we have planned for her. Then Saturday is our annual neighborhood party which has expanded over the past couple years to include more and more people from my workplace and Jim's. We have 60 confirmed to come this year and have no idea what to do with them all! LOL It will be a blast, but lots of work to do between now and then. The cooking and decorating are fun; the cleaning is NOT something I love to do.

But after the 17th, it's clear sailing through the rest of the season. That's when I get to work on my sewing again! Woo Hoo!

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YES I'M STRESSING! Practicing that Ave Maria piano accompaniment that I felt guilted into doing is SERIOUSLY cutting into the time I wanted to spend sewing twirly skirts for Christmas gifts....and I haven't even STARTED wrapping....and I have a box I need to pack up to send to Florida...and gifts to purchase....and... and....


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Deep breath, Salijo! I know your piano playing will be wonderful! I wish I could hear you.


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My kids and grands are musical, my grandmother taught herself to play the guitar. It skipped me lol!!!

Wish we could be there to enjoy your music Salijo, I know you will be great!!!!

4 of my quilting books came in from the library!! As much as I love my family I am going to enjoy the peace of next week!!!!

Donna, I have made 5 of those cakes this week, everyone loves them!! I dropped one off with the cookies today and the ladies had to try one, so now they want me to make them one!! I will next week lol!!!!

Kate, I thought about your party, I don't think I could do it lol, have fun!!!!!

Let's all go over to Sharon's and have some of her delicious soup. I'll bring the gooey cake lol!!!!

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All this discussion about Gooey Cake made me curious, so I had to google it up. Wow, talk about rich. So which one did you make, Rosa, plain, double chocolate or pumpkin?

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Boy, you've got to hear this. I had to rush up to Oregon to pick up a car. I have Mom tending to an old man on hospice. She's a young 91. DIL asks me to drop off a package to a lady on the way home, something too fragile to ship. I get all my tasks done, head home, over mountain passes, night in motel, you know the deal - drop off package and it's a QUILT SHOP. DIL didn't know but here I was inside the most lovely shop with an attached yarn shop and the owner gave me a tour and thanked me profusely. How's that for making my holiday. Someone was watching over me and knew I needed that!

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Sent to a quilt shop? LOL.

No, no stress here.....retiring this June, after twenty five years growing and or shipping thousands of Christmas poinsettias and hundreds of greenery pieces in December, not to mention my Son's B'day, our wedding anniversary, often cooking for a big Christmas dinner, and all the rest of the festivities............this year is like a walk in the park!

I'm in denial. I have no gifts bought, no cards out. Just the tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

I did make a batch of fudge, laden with our own black walnuts, but we ate that already. Got a hankering for something sweet, so just cranked out a double batch of peanut brittle, and I don't think it's going to last long enough to gift it out either. LOL.

I was going to get serious Monday about starting 'the routine' but I got called to jury duty. I was dismissed from it, but not until I spent most of the day sitting through the challanges by the attorneys to seat the panel. That just stopped the momentum. Manana, Maybe.

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Stressed here! It is finals week - last 2 tests tomorrow - only 1 more semester till I transfer...YIPPY!

then Friday the real work begin's. 2 quilts to make, 7 ceramic banks to paint & fire,go shopping for gifts for my kids, go through storage for decorations, shop for food, clean house, find the perfect tree and bring it home, decorate and set up tree, make candies, cookies, breads and pies and plenty more that I haven't thought about I am sure. All has to be finished before next Saturday as my DS and his family will arrive so that I can spoil my 8 month old DGD
: )!!!!

Love this time of year but all I can think about right now is how much I want a nap and how much I have to finish LOL

Rosa - RED VELVET CHEESECAKE?? Oh, will you share your recipe? I have never had one but the 2 of them together sounds divine!!

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You guys are all so busy!! I finished the one gift I was making for a co-workers grandson. And last night I finished a quilted cover for the iPad I got for my birthday. I'll take a pictures when I remember to get out my camera. This weekend, I'm taking some of my daughters friends to Pigeon Forge, TN at the indoor water park for her birthday. I hope I survive 7-9 year olds for 24 hours!! After that, I'm off next week, so I should have it pretty easy. Just a little shopping and a few meals to plan for. Maybe even get caught up on my Dear Jane blocks???


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Calliope, I worked for a nursery for a few years, so I understand the craziness of poinsettia season! They also sold tons of starter plugs so we pretty much went flat out from the day after Thanksgiving till the end of May, then there was very little to do during the summer.


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You bet! No baking done, exchange blocks to finish, 5 scrap books to do, packages to wrap, cleaning to do, 2 work parties to cook for, ......


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My sister hosts Christmas, and this year she's declared a beanie weenie Christmas. We each are supposed to make just a small pot and have a taste off. I'll probably make some sour cream corn bread and some slaw to take. Hmmmm. Hadn't thought about pies and cakes yet. My son likes jam cake with caramel icing so maybe one of those.

I only have one present left to get, but it's for my 5you grand nephew. I'm the only other member of all my family that had sons until Alex. The last two Christmases I replayed my own sons favorite little toys at that age and they were big hits, but this year I seem stumped for him. Hmmmmm.

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Y'all better hurry up if'n you want any of this soup cause it's almost all gone. Got the gift certs today so gifts are all done.....unless I think of something else. Want to make 4 more batches of pound cake but might wait til next week. The baby is on the way as we speak so I'll probably we working on that tomorrow. He wasn't due til Jan 15th, but mom's blood pressure got to where it couldn't be managed. All is well as far as we know with both mom and baby.


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Sharon - keep us informed about the baby, please!

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No stress here. DH and I did our shopping early. Have spent the past week relaxing, hand sewing card tricks quilt blocks for my parents' quilt. Started this quilt in 2009 and now have 76 blocks out of 80 completed (9" blocks). So am hoping to have them all finished before year end and then plan to hand quilt it in 2012. We are going RVing and will be having Christmas at my sister's house ... so this means I will not be cooking - yeah! Hoping I will have these last 4 quilt blocks completed so I can start hand-sewing the blocks together for the quilt top while I am at my sister's house that way she gets a chance to see what I have been working on. And of course on this trip will get to visit with my old college roommate and hit the quilting stores. Am off to quilt. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Peaceful New Year. :-)

Best to you and yours,

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I haven't seen a picture yet, but I'm told he's beautiful but tiny and that mom and baby are doing well. Ironic he was born on this date......

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6lbs 4oz is considered tiny in my family. lol Wonder what he would have weighed full term. Now that baby is here and all is well, I can again concentrate on getting his quilt together today....needs to be completed before Christmas Eve as that is when that side of the family is getting together.


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Congratulations Grandma!
I had two Christmas season babies, one on the 20th and one on the 26th. Sure makes things interesting when you are trying to prepare for the holiday and for a new baby.

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It certainly sounds like everyone has a lot of stuff going on getting ready for the holidays.

Patsy, sour cream corn bread sounds interesting. and a beanie weinie taste off - FUN! My mom decided we are doing BBQ ribs this year - it has traditionally been prime rib but they are so pricey anymore. I will make the BBQ sauce when we get to Arizona.
Linda, a trip to a quilt shop - FUN!
Sharon - a new baby ... yippee!
Marie - how did finals go? I hope you get a chance now to enjoy that grandbaby!

Stressing ... ME? YEP, a bit! I'm not sewing and I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I am not baking anymore - did some last week for church. I am trying to get the RV loaded to leave on Sunday. We will be going to Arizona for Christmas then leave after Christmas for Mexico for 3+ months. The paper is stopped, canceled cable, mail is on hold (DS will check it periodically when he is in town), Mexican insurance and documents are ready. I can't load any of the liquid stuff until tomorrow since we don't want to run the furnace more than we have to. Today I will finish loading everything else, clean house and then going to a Christmas program tonight. I am hoping tomorrow will be an easy day to finish any last minute details. I am not taking my sewing machine so will have itchy fingers by the time we get back in April! You can follow our trip on my blog to make sure we are having fun!

I will try to follow the forum, but we will see how our internet is!
Take care and happy holidays.

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Who had a baby? Someone in our family?

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Sally....Darrin's niece.....they call dad and me, Paw and Maw just like our grandkids do.

Sue, I sure do plan to check your blog when you when you're able to so we'll know where you are, what you're looking at and that you're ok.


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Sue - have a great trip! Ya know... if you had a featherweight you could take it with you and sew in the RV! ;~))

Sharon & Salijo - congrats on the new addition to the family!

BTW, I didn't get ANY of my sewing done before the party. It's tonight and I still have a little last minute food prep, ME prep, and all the wood floors to clean. But I've got 8 hours so I'm sure I'll be fine.


Funny story: Last night I received a call from someone I work with. She started out with "So, you make quilts, right?" Then she told me she was flying home for the holidays on Tuesday and was thinking how cool it would be to bring a quilt home for her mom. I agreed that would be very cool. She asked how long it takes me to make one. I exaggerated a bit and said 2 months. She just said "Oh." I suggested she look on Etsy and see if she could get one there and have it shipped to her mother's house in time for Christmas. This morning she called and asked if there was anyplace else she could look because "everything there is too expensive". We chatted for a bit about all that goes into making a quilt. Again, she just said "Oh". It's too bad, but I don't think her mother will be getting a quilt this year. (Maybe we can work out something for next year, now that I know she's interested.)


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Yep..........have fun and stay safe in Mexico. Kate, yes I doubt that most people who do not quilt or have family who quilt have no clue on the work involved. I suspect some also think it's just homespun scrap recycling and they would 'take it off your hands' if it's cheap. LOL.

My DD who used to live in the heart of the Amish community here was telling me how one store keeps a stash of imported third country quilts for those people who dream of taking a beautiful Amish quilt home as a souvenier but get a reality check when they see the price tag (usually not inflated, and fair). Some of them will purchase the inferior quilts for the price they were willing to pay just to have a hand-made quilt 'from Amish Country'.

You think about that when you spend months making a quilt for a gift and the recipient just sort of shrugs like they wish they'd gotten a gift certificate for $25 bucks to a box store.

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âªâ« â« ...the party's over... â«âªâ«

It's done! A good time was had by all. No one fell in the pool, which of course is a good thing. We just finished cleaning up and the house is back to normal. Ah, relief! My holiday stress is over. A big hug to those of you still dealing with it!


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Mine is over too!!! I'm tired and just finished the minimum clean up at home. I love for my family to visit, but it is a lot of work!

We had our family party at a community center and it was alot of work to take everything over, then clean up. But it was fun!!!

Marie the red velvet cheesecake was a big hit!! It is so delicious!!! The only change I made is in the red food coloring. This is the recipe from the Cheese Cake Factory.

The bottle of coloring is 1oz. and the recipe calls for 2 (at $4.00 each!) I only used 1 and it gave the cake a pretty red color.

Here is a link that might be useful: red velvet cheesecake recipe

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Thanks for the congratulations....but they are actually my sisters's in-laws and I have never met them!

But I'm Ave Maria'd out already and I just can't practice it anymore. Tonight is the program and all I can say is "God help me." I'm using some strings on the keyboard to help disguise imperfect technique!!! There have been too many years playing gospel and contemporary Christian, which don't really involve classical techniques. But the singer is REALLY good (classic training) and she's new to our church, so I'm hoping everyone will be so in awe of her, that I'll just be a little blip on the stage.


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