narrow guest bathroom layout help please!

jeweleeeSeptember 3, 2013

We are about to re-do our kitchen and I realized that while I am having all this work done I should really re-do our existing guest bathroom. Problem is it is extremely narrow and nowhere near up to current codes. It is 42" x 100", and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a toilet, sink and shower back in there and get the 24" code clearance requirement.

It is a 1936 Cape Cod style house, and right outside the bathroom is a narrow landing to the stairs so I can't widen it at all unfortunately (the guest "suite" is on its own small floor) The bedroom is already quite small so cutting into it feels unwise.

I know I want to convert the bathroom door to a pocket door to make the most of the space. I've looked at wall hung toilets but they still seem to take 22" off the wall, leaving only 22 inches of clearance instead of 24. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Since it's existing, you may not have to bring it up to code. Otherwise, I don't see any alternative to stealing a little space from the bedroom. I'd certainly prefer that to having a cramped bathroom. And do yourself a favor, don't even get started with ideas about corner toilets and tiny sinks.

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Is there a reason that someone would need to use the laundry room when someone was using the bathroom? Could you instead, have the bathroom door be where your laundry room door is and just leave it at that? Of, if you want separation of spaces, put another door for the laundry under the stairs, but beyond the current bathroom door, thereby allowing for more front-of-toilet space (by making the bathroom somewhat L shaped)?

Alternatively, is the laundry room up for remodel as well?

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Fixtures may "share" the required clearance space. Turn the toilet to be on the short wall, and now the toilet has plenty of room, and shares the clearance with an 18" deep vanity which has the required 24" clearance also.

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I asked the laundry room question in a different forum. It is down half a flight of stairs from the bedroom.

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Yes, the laundry room is on a different level so not an option for borrowing space.

I didn't realize fixtures could share space for code clearance. So if I turn the toilet onto the guest room wall, have a 18" deep vanity, and put in a pocket door-- that would make it to code? I would be thrilled with that setup. Thanks for the ideas!

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