Has anyone started to panic yet lol!!!!

rosajoe_gwDecember 14, 2010

I'm so glad I started early. Usually by Halloween my season gets very hectic. But this year it started in September.

Last week DH caught a cold and of course I now have one. I put up the tree yesterday, have 2 towels to embroider and finish 2 'dawg' calender holders. Then wrap about 20 gifts. We are having our fam party Saturday and I am making the turkey and dressing.

I also have company staying with me so I'm trying to get over this so they don't get sick.

I have been resting and I really don't get any energy until the afternoon.

My house is a wreck and I want to have a great time this weekend.

Time to make a list and get organized lol!!!!!!!!


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List? Organized? Time? What is that? DH just told me there is a bike club meeting here tomorrow night (while I'm at work). At least there will be lots of goodies to eat. No where to sit down, but lots to eat.


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Uh, yeah. I have one quilt to finish, about 6 pounds of fudge to make, a lot of dishes to wash, lots of presents to wrap and work.

To make life better, I was incapacitated on Sunday night through well... about now by a lovely case of food poisoning. On the plus side, vomiting with DH around always makes me realize how much this guy loves me. (Seriously, he holds my hair, rubs my back and gives me mouthwash. He's great! Everyone in my family runs out the door...)

I hope everyone is able to get at least some of their projects done!

~ Kit

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Talk about panic... my sewing machine decided to have 'issues'. Had it in the shop for what seemed a long time, then when I got it back it still did not work correctly, took it back again and then I dragged out my old machine from the '60's to finish up some easy projects for the holiday that I had going. Fortunately, before my machine broke down I had already completed my major projects for the holidays. Has not been good around here for sewing much.
I will be sure to have things orgnaized and completed early from here on in! Can't deal with that stress again.

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I'm trying not to panic. I don't know what I'd do without my lists! They keep me sane. I finished most of my water bottle holders (see picture in other post), but I had one more set of fabrics I wanted to use, but didn't get the chance to use them for the gifts. Oh well. I'm waiting to hear from my cousins to see when they are staying with us. Then it's off to the grocery store! I'm off work next week, so I hope I only have a little shopping and lots of wrapping to do.

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I already gave up. It's very relaxing.

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No panic around here, Rosa. I decided not to make any Aunt Sharon's Bless Her Heart projects this year and give the family a break! My up north kids and grands have been taken care of and our family here will be taken care of on Sunday....just need to write some checks to the grands for gasoline for their vehicles. Will be cookie baking with DD3 and DGD Saturday afternoon. Christmas dinner will be at DD3's on Christmas day with family and friends.

IMO, this season is about the Gift that was given to us. I'm thinking we should just sit back, relax, accept it and be thankful for the Gift/blessings in our lives. Commerce has made it more about what we should want to give, whether it's spending more than we should or trying to get more done that will tax us physically and stress us out. It took me a few years to actually apply this to my life as tradition had really made a mark in my life and I felt like I was letting down my family. My extended family in Michigan and Indiana has finally decided mid January is a good time for all of them to get together. I think it's great!

Rosa, If your house is still what you consider a wreck and you don't have the strength to make it better, if it bothers your visitors, let them take care of it.

Kit, Six pounds of fudge? If you must, maybe your wonderful DH will help you share the load.

Sorry for the length of this, but no, there's no panic here. Hope you all can glide through this season merrily. @:)


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I'm done! My big event for the Season, other than relaxed family stuff on Christmas Eve and Day, was on the 11th. That's when we held our annual neighborhood/friends/workbuddies party. Once we get through that bit of insanity it's all easy.

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Gratefully, we divide the festivities up. We do my extended family this weekend, immediate family with the grands on Christmas proper and DH family the weekend after New Year's. Thrown in between are the work and friend parties.

It stretches things out and I only have to buy, cook, bake, wrap and worry about one event at a time. DH Christmas is the best because everything's on sale!

This year I didn't make a single gift and I'm not feeling even a little guilty about it.

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Sharon, what a wonderful message for us to remember!

I'm not in too much of a panic. I didn't decorate a thing because we are leaving for Arizona & plan to stay for about 8 weeks - so no outside lights, no tree! I am leaving a Christmas stocking for my son's dog with her goodies...

I finished the last of the tote bags for gifts, & have almost everything wrapped. We need to pack the motor home ... hmmm maybe I should do laundry! We aren't leaving until Sunday so it will all get done.

Looking forward to spending time with family.

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SharonG, love your message & I agree wholeheartedly!

I've not made a lot of gifts this year, but we have cut back. My most favorite gift to give has been a tin of handmade coupons to our DS/DIL & my parents. Each one good for something special, like spring yard work, nite out (we keep DGSs, of course!:), or a favorite meal made & delivered hot & ready to eat. It was so much fun thinking of different things they would each enjoy! I've also assembled a picture album of all the quilts my mom has made for everyone in the family - sister's kids, et al. THAT was VERY special to do, & I can hardly wait for her to open it! - not sure which one of us will produce the most tears:) probably me, since I'm the sensitive sentimental one:) And yes, I still cry at parades & any childrens' program -even if I don't know any of the children! lol
Here's hoping we all take a deep breath, look around us & thank heaven for our many blessings. And convince ourselves that much of what we think HAS to be done for everyone else -- really doesn't.
I raise my Christmas mug of hot chocolate to you all!!


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Well, I guess I could say I'm panicking!

I have a quilt to finish by Sunday. Working on piecing the back today and hopefully loading it on the frame by tonight. A 2hr drive to Mom's on Sat. might give me time to do the binding if all falls into place.

I still need to get a tree & finish decorating.
Need to get 2 little girl presents to take on Saturday.
And it would be nice to finish the counted cross-stitch stocking for my youngest...I realize this might not happen & I'm okay with that.

Most shopping is done, but have to do a full sort from the closet and know I have to make at least three more stops for things... We usually wrap on Christmas Eve after making cookies w/the kids and getting them to bed.

I guess it'll all get done when it gets done.

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I am in the Christmas business as a season flower grower and wholesaler. Can you just imagine what Easter, Christmas and Memorial day is like for me? LOL. Add to that my son's birthday a week before Christmas, our anniversary two days before Christmas, and my daughter's anniversary a two weeks after Christmas.

This year? The lowest key and most relaxing in twenty years or more. My beautiful new daughter-in-law insists on doing the Christmas meal at the farm herself, and this with a full time job and a new baby in tow. I am in semi-retirement now and kept our orders very modest this year for poinsettias and greenery.

The immediate family has started the draw a name gift exchange and that makes the hoardes of gifts redundant. Hubby and I buy for each other sometimes or get a joint gift, and we slip a little cash to the kids and g'kids in a card in addtition to the one name each of us pull for the exchange.

I started baking early and I gave them out early. Already done and consumed. LOL. I did every iota of Christmas shopping online and hopefully early enough it'll all get here. I have the cards done and mailed including those going to England. My tree went up the first of December.

I love Sharon's attitude. So many years everything seemed to land in my lap for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, when I was a young thing, the challenge was exciting.....but somewhere the fun turned into stress. That's not what Christmas is about.

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I'm not in a panic but maybe in a bit of a daze. For the first time in many years all three of my children will be here with most of their kids, Two divorced and the third without his spouse. So, it is a rare visit, all coming from far away states, and I'll cherish it.

I am almost caught up on sewing the last gift and then I have to figure out food. I have sleeping arrangements handled and the living room will be covered by kids in sleeping bags, seven of them. I did get tree up and will try and wrap all gifts before they arrive. My daughter will help when she gets here Sunday.

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Okay, well, I'm not exactly in a panic, but I dropped a stitch on my son's alpaca scarf and I'm cursing. Does that count?

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I've got a couple of friends coming over on Sunday to help. One of them wanted to learn, and the other just wanted some company and kittens. At least I'm not baking this year. Last year, I did almost 600 cookies. Yeah, I'm crazy.

If I don't get the fudge done, that's fine. I just really want to get the quilt for my niece done, because, as you said, the idea is about the gift that was given to us. But I don't want my niece to feel left out because her brother is getting a quilt. :)

I'm pretty relaxed about everything now.

~ K

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Our insane family party was Saturday and was supposed to be at 1PM and most got there after 2PM. It was drizzling rain and I was in and out of the rain all day.
I did get to enjoy seeing my 16&1/2 DGD and her 17 friend. They left Sunday morning about noon.
I went to bed 2 minutes after they left and slept until 7PM took a shower and went back to bed at 7:30PM and slept until noon this morning.
I feel much better!!!!! This family Christmas is turning into a stress situation for the majority of the family and a few are upset because most want to tone it down.
Next year they can do what they want, I am toning my part down for my own health.
Bless you Linda!!!! I know you will have a great time, but boy you are going to be tired lol!!!!

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I was getting pretty stressed last week but once everything got wrapped and mailed, it is a bit less stressful. And the tree was put up on Sat. All my children live out of town and only one is coming during Christmas week.
As for gifts, we have talked about not buying things but making donations to various charities. That is sounding very doable and next year that will really relieve the panic. After all, how many sweaters can one use!!

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Nannykins, I agree completely!!!!!!! That is one squabble that went on during the month.
Our fam has grown so now we have stockings for the great kids.
With the economy 4 families said they couldn't afford it, one said her 2 get way too much, but 2 are adamant that things stay the same.
I am also thinking of making donations to a 'toys for tots' next year in their names. Their are too many small children that get nothing for Christmas.
I keep reminding some that it is NOT all about the presents lol!!!!

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And the ages of the 8 grands ranges from 12 to 28. So they are extremely difficult to buy for. They usually get gift cards or money itself. But even that can be a problem. Yes! charities is the way to go!

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I agree!!!! I am lucky with my 2 grands being teens girls, they love smelly stuff and fluffy socks lol!!!!!!

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