dangerous stovetop?

bmh4796September 6, 2013

we are buying this house to live in for a few years while we build. here is the listing


how do you suggest we fix this cooktop close to the edge of the counter? do we just have it centered? i'd like to get rid of the island all together. maybe it should be on a perimeter counter?

on the wall the fridge is on you can't see it, but there is a little kitchen desk area. maybe that should be where the stove goes and lose the island all together? the kitchen is only about 11 feet wide -- too narrow for an island

Here is a link that might be useful: link to house

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"dangerous stovetop?"

There is nothing wrong with the cooktop/
The only reason to do the changes you are proposing, if you intend to sell it after you build, is more money than good sense.

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On a free standing stove, the cooktop is close to the front so I see no difference in your island. I would live with it awhile...you may like it and no, it is not dangerous.

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It isn't considered a great location, because people tend to be more careful walking in front of the stove, and here you can walk close to the side and to the back. And the back is a traffic aisle. In the kitchen forum this location would be highly discouraged.

However it's livable, particularly for the few years you are going to be there while you build. If anything it would be much cheaper to build up a higher edge on the back of that counter and leave the entire layout intact. You are living in this house to Build another one, I wouldn't invest in changing the layout of the kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

It's not bad. If you're really concerned, put a very shallow bookcase against the island to sort of protect that side.

Or, turn it into a U kitchen by parking a big fat worktable/portable island/cart thingy in the walkway.

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ok thanks everyone.

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Yes, it's dangerous. And the desk area might be the solution. You could take out the desk cabinet and just put the island cabinet against that wall. That would probably cost you less than 1K, and most of the cost will be for moving the electrical line that the cooktop needs. You'll also have to repair the floor where the island sat, but that could be easy. Just take out more flooring, and then put something different in the middle with some type of deco to surround it and you've created a "rug" in the kitchen.

With kids, I would certainly spend the money to address the issue! It IS a big safety concern.

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I don't see how this is "dangerous". Less than desirable, sure. Not dangerous though? My Mom has an old house and her oven/stovetop didn't have a cabinet on the left side of it...ever. Doesn't make it ideal or right, but not a big deal. Just don't put the handles facing outwards (as taught in home ec class)

Since you're only living here for a couple years, I don't think it's really necessary to change anything about the set up.

That's a beautiful house, inside and out!!! The only part that isn't beautiful is the kitchen, but it's functional :). I'd never want to move!!!

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