Is it ever OK to regift lol!!!!

rosajoe_gwDecember 9, 2010

I think it depends on the gift and the person it came from. An acquaintance, senior, is on a tight budget and was given a fleece throw (store bought) that doesn't match anything in her house. It was given to her by a distant relative that she sees every year or so at a reunion and has never been in her house. She does appreciate their thinking of her, but would never use the item.

She asked me to embroider a teens name on it to give to the teen that will not get much else as a Christmas gift.

He will not be regifting lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told her if I had made it and given it to her I may have a different opinion, but I see nothing wrong in this as long as the item has not been used. And it also depends on who gave it to you lol!!!!!!

What is your honest opinion?????


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I think it's perfectly OK to offer something to someone, explaining that you have no use for the item, but not to act like it's something that you went out and purchased yourself. I also wouldn't offer it in place of a birthday or Christmas gift that I would ordinarily purchase or make.

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I think I agree with ritaweeda. My first reaction was "sure, that is fine." Then I realized the pile of stuff I have to take to Hospice that was given to me and never used and I don't want and ultimately will not re-gift. So......"I also wouldn't offer it in place of a birthday or Christmas gift that I would ordinarily purchase or make."


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Alternate opinion: I think it's perfectly OK to regift without telling someone - for any occasion - as long as you haven't used it. If you aren't going to use something and someone else will, how can that be a bad thing or inappropriate in any way? Only you know it had a tag on it before.

I agree that it's not the same if it's a handmade gift. Those can be given away if the recipient won't use them, but it should always be revealed that someone made it especially for them.

Just my opinion.


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The little lady is so sweet and the teen will not know who the gift came from. She lives alone on a modest income and she still wanted to pay me, of course I refused!!!
His family is having a very hard time and the church is making a Christmas gift box for them.
I volunteer for the county blood drive and we discussed this.
Believe it or not almost everyone said if it is not used and it is not homemade special for the person, with this economy, rather than keep something you will never use regift it.
Thanks for the opinions, I love the diversity!!!!!!!!

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I see absolutely no reason a perfectly new and unused article cannot be gifted to an individual who really needs it, especially if it is made personal and has no chance of offending the person who gave it to the lady who wishes to share it. She isn't giving away used merchandise and passing it off as new. There is not a likelihood the original givers will ever know and perhaps even if they did know they'd be happy their gift found a recipient who really could use it and appreciate it.

There are situations where re-giving could be tacky, but I don't think this is one of them. It's a win/win situation for the elderly lady who must watch her pennies, and for a young person who is needy. Why must we be always buying more "stuff" just on general principles?

By the same token, if I give someone a's theirs to do with as they see fit, even if it's passing it along to someone else who would appreciate it more. Even a quilt I make would qualify. I'd much rather see it given where it's appreciated than find it on a shelf unused.

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By all means it is okay - better than okay in this situation.
I am a big donater - being in sales my whole life, I cannot sell my personal stuff, so I donate perfectly good - sometimes new "stuff". My favorite place in the last few years has been the local Hospice Resale store. That being said - what would be the difference if this sweet lady bought this fleece throw at a place like the Hospice Resale store , personalized it, and gave it as a gift?
Times are tough - I hope she feels terrific about finding a way to give a gift to this young teen without hurting herself financially.
Kudos to Rosa for helping out!!

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Rosa - I vote yes! If it will not be used or doesn't fit or you just don't care for it (some peoples tastes do not work for others) why let it collect dust?

But: In my case. . . My youngest sister and I have quit giving the middle sister gifts of any sort. Sounds bad but there is a good reason. No matter what we gave her we would recieve it back the next year with tags attached and sometimes still unopened & wrapped in the same paper! Yes, she would regift our gifts back to us LOL


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I agree that it is perfectly fine to re-gift, depending on the gift and situation. In the situation above, it is more than fine. I applaud the lady who wants to give and just can't manage a gift out of her budget and thought of a perfect solution to have the gift personalized.
As for other situations, if the gift is brand new, never used, why not give to someone else who will be able to use it and appreciate it? However,I would take care that the person who gave the gift was NOT the recipient of the need to cause hurt feelings. But otherwise, I think it is an ok practice.
Just my humble opinion

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Calliope said it well.
When I give something, be it hand created, recieved, or bought, it is given without strings or personal attachment.
What the preson does with the gift is their business as they now own it. When I get something I don't see the price tag but the thought behind it. New isn't always better. If an item is given with care I could care less how the giver got it, it may be a regifted because that is all they are able to give or because they know I will enjoy it more then they do. Used or unused some gifts are priceless. Jayne

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Nicely said, Jayne!

Some of you know I work for Goodwill Industries. Everyday during this season I see people coming into our stores to do their Christmas shopping. The items may not be new but they are thoughtfully chosen and lovingly given, I'm sure. For many of our shoppers, it's a hunt for a hidden treasure and for many others it's simply what they can afford.


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calliope said it for me. A gift is a gift with no strings attached....But every situation is different and must be considered. (As with middle sister)

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Yah, I don't know why it has become necessary to 'purchase' a gift. I told my mother a few years ago that the best gifts she could give my daughter would be items she has owned for years and years. With the history attached I can't imagine a better gift. But no, she won't even consider doing that. $20 in a card is a better gift in her eyes. I disagree. Maybe I should ask my daughter what she thinks...

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What Calliope said: Agree with her 100%.

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