Should I get a discount on botched countertop install?

alexxApril 16, 2013

Beautiful Silestone counters were installed. The seam is flawless, the edges by our posts are tight and clean. But. We have one end run of the countertop on which sits shelves (and to its right a pantry.) Somehow the installers only took their precise measurements to te beginning of the shelves--even though the shelves were sitting on top loose and the GC showed it to them so now the counters and cabinet shelves are installed (I don't know why GC didn't stop at that point) and there is a gap between the countertop and right wall of shelves. The microwave will sit inside there and the GC says he can put in molding to hide--I don't want a quartz mini backsplash as the installer/fabricator offered (same person/company).

What do I do? Should I just put matching molding to avoid spills and then ask for a discount or something else? How much % would be fair. It was a substantial cost to us.

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Sophie Wheeler

Not sure what I'm looking at. Pull back and give some perspective and scale.

But, scribe molding is often used on to the counter cabinets because of the differing thickness of stone or the waviness of the walls. It's not a big deal. If that fixes the issue, then no, you aren't due any discount at all.

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In our last home we had silestone. The guys cut it too short, and left a big gap at the wall on one long peninsula piece. We said, no thank you. They redid a new piece.

In my current home, I got a big discount on cracked soapstone.

Comparing the two situations, I'd much rather have it done right for the full price. discounts are nice, but I'll be living with "the crack" for decades.

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I also can't tell what I'm looking at in the picture ... are you shooting from above, looking down at the countertop? The white is the shelves? If so, that looks like a pretty big mistake. It might be easier to judge if you posted a picture showing the whole area as hollysprings suggested.

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Yes the pic is taken from above. I will take another picture in the morning when there is light--no electricity yet. Thanks very much.

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Don't let their mistake force you to accept something less than what you asked for! It was their measuring mistake and they need to make it right.

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Forget discount, have them redo it! It's their mistake.

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Here is a pic a little further back. The black part on the right is the part where there is a gap. Probably seen best on first picture.

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That's the counter under the open shelving cubbies? Really bad. They need to redo that. It's hard to see what's going on. Is it open beneath the counter against the wall too?

Very expensive job & labor charges = fine workmanship in return!

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And here is a pic from a little further back. I need to ask the GC about any damage that might be caused by removing the shelf cabinet.

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Based on the location being hidden, I would put a piece of moulding there to cover the gap. It could make a bigger problem if they remove it. I noticed a gap in front of the cabinet right above the counter. That would bother me more.

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@corgimum:Filler still needs to be installed to the right front of the counter.

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Good grief! Whatever happened to craftsmen just taking responsibily for their mistakes and fixing them ON THEIR OWN without having to be asked, cajoled, coaxed, forced, etc. ...? What did your contractor have to say about it?

I agree, allexx ... why didn't the contractor just stop at that point when he saw that big gap? Since he didn't, it now looks like a pretty big deal to fix it properly and would involve a lot more than just replacing the countertop. You may have to resort to a work-around if you aren't willing to go through that.

That gap looks like it's going to require a fairly large piece of scribe moulding. I'd almost rather that they try to fabricate a slice of countertop material to be glued into the space ... at least then there wouldn't be an awkward piece of moulding sticking out into the space. Yes, it is kind of hidden back there unless you are standing at that countertop, but it might interfere with things that may be placed back there.

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If that were my counter I would probably ask for the entire thing to be redone, but if that were not possible, I would certainly want a significant discount on it. You paid for a properly fabricated and installed counter and that's not at all what you got. If you can live with a piece of trim, then get a discount, but I'm talking like 25% or more. At least that's what it would take for me to be OK with it.

And Jellytoast, I completely agree with you. I can't believe that customers constantly have to fight for things that are clearly not correct. Where did pride in workmanship go anyway?

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