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Holly- KayApril 21, 2013

Kitchen designers please give me your opinion on this situation:
I told my kitchen designer I wanted the mw to be an OTR model because we have that set up in another home of ours and it seems to be ok though I always wondered why the microwave was so greasy when we bought from a very clean PO. Our KD didn't make any comment at all about it not necessarily being a good idea. When I posted about the OTRMW here thankfully many of you told me about the bad points of doing this. When I went appliance shopping at the distributor I asked my salesman his opinion and he said that they are basically worthless as a vented hood and it would wear out quicker than a counter model because of heat below it. I called my kd the next day and told him how concerned I was about this and I felt I was making a mistake to not have a hood. He pretty much blew me off and said that using the mw fan wasn't going to be an issue. I should have persisted but didn't. I called him last week and he didn't answer so I left a vm asking him to call because I still had some concerns about venting. I made the call on Monday and he hasn't replied yet so I left another vm on Saturday. I have found vent hoods that are basically the same dimensions as the MW.My question is, am I being unreasonable in asking to make this change? We never discussed what to do regarding changes and I know if I make a change I need to pay for it, that is not an issue as I just want this reno to be done correctly. Do your clients ask to change things? I would think that as long as I am willing to pay any extra expense making a change shouldn't be that much of an issue or is there something, as a consumer, that I just don't get?

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Not every KD feels as strongly about good ventilation as do the majority of people who visit this site. Of course, WE are right about the subject. ;^)

How big of a deal the change is depends on which stage your design is in. If the cabinets have already been ordered based on using an OTR, then you may need to find a very short vent hood if you're choosing an under cabinet vent hood. If you're choosing a chimney vent hood, then you won't have a cabinet there at all, so you'll end up with an extra cabinet. But, if the order hasn't been placed because the design hasn't been finalized, then it's totally not a big deal at all. Appliance specs sometimes do change based on what someone found at the scratch and dent. Or, they saw some new fangled doo dad at Aunt Maud's that they want to put in their kitchen. Making changes isn't a big deal. Well, not if you've for certain selected the KD and put a deposit or retainer down rather than are still at the shopping around stage.

Unless he or a family member is in the hospital or dead, there is no excuse for not calling a client back in a week's time. If there's a full schedule, and the change is relatively minor, I could see him not getting back to until Tuesday late or Wednesday morning. Every single phone call should be returned within 48 hours of receiving it. Sometimes you have to tell someone that the issue isn't resolved, and that you're working on it, but you can't just skip talking to people because you don't deal well with conflict. That's part of the job.

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We hate changes, they create problems BUT if your willing to pay the cost there is no reason not to get what you want. I would require a change order including specs for the size of the hood. You may have to buy a cabinet and if instal is started or scheduled your timeline could be impacted. That can mean more than the time it takes to get another cabinet if they need to reschedule (unless you want to also pay them for lost time)
Returning calls and emails- we use next day at the latest. Even if just to say we can't get to it which should be rare. Priorities are jibs being installed, then sold, then close, then appointments, then everyone else.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you so much Green. This is a signed contract and I had total faith in him as he did another job for us designing cabinetry and shelving for our library. We have also given a 33% deposit. I still haven't received a call today from him. Also I asked for a total knob and pull count from him approximately 5 weeks ago and then again on April 2. I am just very concerned. With the large amount that our deposit was and now not returning my calls I am worried that maybe there are money issues on his end. Dh thinks we should call the owner of the cabinetry company that he works for but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and not cause issues for him but this a lot of money to spend and not be able to communicate with him. I am just beyond frustrated.......

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Holly- Kay

Thank you jak for your response. I was in the manufacturing world for years and dealt with revs on a constant basis and I know what a pita it can be. To me the cost is not the issue. I would expect to be charged for any revs. For example: If the cab was made and we needed a different size to make it work I would assume the responsibility of paying for not only the original cab but the new one as well. What I am finding is a total lack of responsiveness to any issues. He hasn't given me any time frame for install and because he won't return calls I have no way of knowing where we are in the process. I have all my appliances ordered, the hardwood flooring ordered, and my faucet ordered. I just feel that it is a supreme waste of time to go forward with anything else at this point as my install could be 3 weeks or 3 months from now. I am so saddened that what should have been a joyful process is turning sour.

Sorry for the whining. I truly appreciate the time that you and greendesign have taken to answer my questions!

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With no response to phone calls, I'd make an in-person visit. Even if he is not there, it will be noted. And, perhaps it would also be an opportunity to bump into the owner. I would make it very warm and cordial -- 'you know he must be busy since you didn't hear back and since you were in the neighborhood
you thought you might just catch him if you stopped by'.... etc.

Even if the order has been put through, you are entitled to make a change. It's not ideal but it's also not the end of the world. The longer it gets put off, the worse it will be -- why I'm suggesting to not keep doing the same thing that isn't getting the response IYKWIM.

IMO you are making a wise decision that you won't regret. Expect most here would agree.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you Rococo. It just leaves me SMH that I can't get any response. I must say that really worries me. Hubby and I will be making a trip there to see if we can resolve this. I know this is the right thing to do as far as ventilation goes I just really don't understand why a seemingly minor change is such a big deal. I am amazed at how kind fellow GW members have been in answering my questions. Thanks again to all of you!!!!

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You can call there and speak to the receptionist. In a friendly way alert the person that there must be something wrong with the KD's voicemail as you haven't received a call back after leaving several messages.

Phone problems happen all the time.

You can also leave another message indicating you are scheduling a meeting with him (give time and date). Do not ask if that is convenient. He will be forced to call you back unless he plans to attend the meeting. Either way you get his attention.

You can do this with a smile on your face.

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Holly- Kay

Always with a smile on my face! I tell DD often that you get better results when you smile than with a frown!

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