Century old Crazy Quilt Block

calliopeDecember 22, 2013

Thought you might like to see what a crazy quilt block looked like from back when they were all the rage. I'm sorry, but this is the best quality I can do with artificial light on a dark, winter's day. It does not show off the hand embroidery well. It does give a feel for what fabrics were used. The batting on this, and yes it does have a thin batting, is some pug-ugly grey loosely pressed sheet of natural materials. Overall size is about two feet by one and a half. I found this in my mother's fabric stash. She was a big one on auctions, and probably found this in a box of somebody else's quilting cache and could no more throw it away than I could. It's been pinned to my sewing room wall, but thought I'd better put it under glass as I was renovating in there before I put it back on the wall.

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Putting it under glass sounds like a good idea to me. I really like that the year was embroidered on it. I have a tendency to not think that far ahead and never thought anything I've made would make a person wonder who, what, where and when in 50 or more years.

Thanks for sharing.


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Fun to have things from the past and even nicer to have them dated. It will be nice to have it covered and to be able to share your treasure from a different era. TFS

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I don't think about my quilts lasting 100 years. I imagine this person didn't either. It is very special.

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That looks so cool! Love the embroidery work on it. Thank you bunches for sharing!

Best to you,

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I admire the time it took to make the quilt. The different embroidery stitches are gorgeous. I can't blame her or you, I couldn't get rid of it either lol!

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loved it it reminded me of reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of the Little House books thanks for sharing

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