Two different hard woods side by side? Will it look ok?

discojonesSeptember 19, 2012

We recently ripped up the old tile and linoleum in our soon-to-be new kitchen, and were surprised to find beautiful hardwood underneath.

Originally, we had planned on bringing hardwood into the kitchen that matched the rest of the house. However now, we are considering refinishing this unveiled wood.

The problem is, the two floors are completely different.

In the photo, the top floor is what is in the rest of the house. It runs in one direction (horizontal in the photo), looks like oak, and is a narrow plank.

The uncovered wood in our kitchen runs perpendicular to the other floor (Bottom wood in the picture, vertical), and looks like a redwood with a wider plank.

We had thoughts about staining the kitchen floor something completely different, like a dark ebony stain to offset the white cabinets. This would also avoid us trying to match two different woods. Plus, the redwood is stunning, I can't imagine tearing it up!

But, the question I have is: Will it look bad to have two different wood floors up against one another?

The threshold from our kitchen to the dining room (which is what is shown in the photo) is approximately 6 feet wide. We were going to add a proper cover piece so that the transition between each floor looked complete.

Give me your thoughts. Will two different wood floors look odd? Suggestions for stain colours? Other ideas in general?


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I think if you tried to match the stain it would look odd. But what you are talking about with going purposely darker or lighter could look cool. I would hate to tear that up too!

Congrats on a great find!

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I think the fact that they run in different directions and will be different colours, it will be just fine. They are beautiful!

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That's your subflooring, and it's not intended for use as a finish flooring. Either place the matching oak on top of it or use something like Marmoleum which is what it was intended to be covered with.

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Fori is not pleased

I too think it's subflooring (they used to use pretty stuff for it!). If it's redwood, it's of course technically not a hardwood. But...have a floor refinisher check it out. If it can be used, why not? I like it too. Dig out the piece under the threshold and put in something flush, probably to match the oak.

As far as how they'll look, don't try to match them and they'll be fine (assuming the kitchen floor really can be used).

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Thanks for the input!
It is somewhat of a subfloor, but there is one more layer beneath this wood and the joists under the house. We can't put another wood on top, because it is already sitting higher than the oak in the dining room, so there would still be a threshold needed. And we really don't want any type of linoleum back in the kitchen.

We went ahead and stained the wood this weekend, and it already looks fantastic. If we didn't have the oak right against it, we would have kept it natural with just a gloss coat to bring out the red and the old plank character. But we thought two natural woods might clash, so we went with a dark Jacobean stain.

Will post a pic soon, once we get the threshold done, and everything looking clean.

Thanks again! It's always nice to have second opinions

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Here's a pic of our new kitchen floors looking out to the dining room. Ideally, we would have loved to have the same floor throughout, but under the circumstances, I think this looks pretty fantastic!
The stain turned out really well, and it is even and glossy.

Now we just need to get the threshold cleaned up, and finish this kitchen!

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Fori is not pleased

That looks great! I hope you don't have a white cat... ;)

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And if you do, get rid of it! These floors are worth giving the cat away. LOL. Just kidding.

Great job!

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Fori is not pleased

Nah--many cats love Roombas!

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