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lizzie2December 19, 2011

I am not sure how this will be received, you have to know swimmers. My dd wanted a quilt to take to swim meets to sit on and cuddle up in after swimming. The quilts mark the area where they "camp". People step on them and they get wet. Anyway, I finally made one for my dd and am getting ready to back it with polar fleece as per her wishes, I wonder if I should also use batting. Alot of the quilts the swimmers use are store bought but she wanted one made by mom so I am thrilled. It also gave me something to do during the long hours of practice and meets. I will be hand quilting although my mil has a long arm machine...do you think it would be best to machine quilt it? It is a twin bed size so she can sit and also wrap up in it. Thank you

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my 2 cents since it will be really used and washed frequently why not make a thin batting or double layer the fleece. I'd machine quilt it it will be stepped on as you say and toenails could get caught in the stitching. Nice that she wants one made by MOM be sure to stitch her id in it somewhere .It might be nice to stitch a little pocket in it somewhere for keys maybe with a velcro closing

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My DD was on the swim team for 10 years, I can so relate. I would not use batting and fleece, just way too much. The fleece will also get very heavy and stretch when it gets wet. Also, it can "pill" from laying on the rough cement, so keep that in mind. I think I would make a separate throw of just the fleece for her to wrap in. It will be hard to wrap in the one she sits on. Just a thought.


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Just a thought!
Would terry cloth work as a backing?

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I was going to suggest terry cloth too. Fabric.com has it in many colors. I recently made bar towels with it and thought it was easy to work with. I would use no batting and I would machine quilt it. I think the polar fleece wrap is a good idea!

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What are the store bought quilts backed with? I would think the polar fleece would get heavy and too warm. I too like the idea of a terry backing, and would decide if batting should be added based on the weight of the terry. Sounds like machine quilted is the way to go as well just because it will be washed often, b ut I'm not a hand quilter so thats just a guess for me! I love the idea though, and I'd be tickled pink if my daughter wanted one made by me instead of a store bought!

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WOW, I did not think of terry cloth. My dd swims for the Y so she is not in an outside pool even in the summer! I will show the answers to her and see if she what she thinks. I hope to have it done for her birthday. It is funny, I still have enough material for another quilt so she may get two. I loved the ideal for a pocket. You guys are so clever

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You may consider using a beach towel as the backing. Prewash it alot to make it fade or shrink before you use it. Maybe even use an old favorite one of hers that she no longer uses.

I would skip the batting and not use fleece either due to the weight. Definitely machine quilt - and put her name on it in big letters with a sharpie or permanent marker.

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