Help with DGD Christmas Quilt - please...

wynativeDecember 20, 2011

I am in the process of making this for my 8 month old granddaughter for Christmas - ya, I know... only a few days left to finish it!

As it is 3-D pin wheels and I am going to 'stitch-in-the-ditch', I will not be able to stitch over the pin wheels, they are way to thick! My idea is to add a center to each pin wheel - like a button but something soft. I am going to Jo-Ann's this evening to find something for it.

Anyone have an idea what I could use/do? It has to be fairly easy and really quick! I am trying to think of something flat & soft to cover with fabric (sparkly lime green) - and coming up with zilch...

Thanks in advance,


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This is turning out really cute! Why do you want to sew something in the middle of the pinwheel? I would be very scared of it coming off and becoming a choking hazard.
I could easily see a button becoming a favorite teething item.

If you want it attached thru the batting and backing- tie it very securely with a pretty piece of yarn thru the intersection. Lots of colors to choose.

Hopefully Jennifer will see this-she is making one for Melanie.

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That is so cute Marie!!! When I made one with cotton fabrics I used an embroidery stitch in the center. It was a small doll quilt so it wasn't too bad to sew thru.

The denim one I made, there is no way I could get anything thru all of the thick layers.

You might try a knot in the center, it would be baby safe if it is tied correctly!

It's adorable as is!!!!!!!

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The reason I want something in the middle: I can't quilt through the pin wheels - way to much fabric. I want to also do it to help hold all the layer's together because the pin wheels are a little raised. (if that makes sense).

I don't want to use buttons or anything hard because she is a baby and the choking hazard - so what ever I do has to be soft and be able to sew it securely.


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Marie, how big are your squares? If you stitch in the ditch around all of them that should hold the layers nicely, unless your blocks are really big.


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That is so cute! I hope you post a pic when it's completed.

When I did a pinwheel quilt, I used iron-on daisy appliques in the pinwheel centers. Then, to be double sure, I sewed around each tiny daisy. Then I washed the quilt twice to make sure the daisies were secure. It was a lot of extra work.
The baby's Mom was a nurse so I knew she would check the quilt after each washing.

I think that Rosa's idea of using an embroidery stitch may be a good solution.


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I have a 'tack' stitch on my machine - as well as a 'sew a button' on stitch. If you can get the pinwheel under the pressure foot (mine uses the darning foot for the 'sew on a button'), you could easily stitch down the center of the pinwheel securely and relatively quickly. You drop the feed dogs for both. Easy....and you don't have to go shopping :)

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I agree with Marsha. It would be easy to tack the center of each either by hand or with machine to hold it down and so it wouldn't show. I think a button-like soft center would detract. It's going to be just darling when you're done.

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I'd do the machine tacking. I've used both the bar tack stitch and occasionally small motif stitches, like a heart. Your machine should be able to handle that.

Very cute quilt!

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I AM working on one for Melanie, but haven't even looked at it since October!

I think I'd go with a tacking stitch in the center of the pinwheels. Or you could use DMC floss and tie it in that spot...use a surgeon's knot to ensure it won't come undone.

I think a really nice button or glass bead would be perfect, but recognize it as a horrible choice for a baby's quilt!

Can't wait to see it done!

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I really liked the 'daisy' idea but couldn't find enough the right color or the right size... need 18. But I did find a little plastic yoyo kit that is the perfect size : )

I plan to start making yoyo's tomorrow - hoping they are not to difficult : )

Thanks for all the idea's! I will post a pic when it is finished.

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