Jenn-Aire Dishwasher Arms (xpost from Appliances)

cherigwApril 15, 2013

I have an "older" (c 2006) Jenn-Aire with three adjustable racks and three washer arms. The middle arm that sprays up to the top shelf has always turned freely. . .I usually spin it before I turn the d/w on to make sure it isn't hitting on anything. Last week the middle arm started hitting on the bottom of the top rack. It is not loose. . .it's almost like the top rack has warped "lower" on one side and the arm is hitting on it. I called Jenn-Aire and they said they have never had this problem. Usually the arms break or drop down. . .in this case, it's lilke the arm is too close to the bottom of the rack on one side. Anyone else ever have this problem. ..and what did you do??

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