We have a showing tomorrow! Hooray!

southernmumDecember 13, 2010

We haven't had a showing in about 3 weeks, and our realtor called today to schedule a showing - Whoo Hoo! There are 4 houses for sale in our neighborhood and two just recently went under contract. All of the sudden it seems like things are picking up. Please, oh please, let these people buy my house! Tired of living in limbo, and I'd love to start 2011 in a new house! Okay, just had to share! I knew you guys here would understand! Good luck to other seller out there!

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I hope this is your buyer and you start 2011 with plans for a new house.

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Good Luck! We'll be in the same spot when we put our house on the market in January. We're in the southeast, where is your market?

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Well, still waiting to hear something. They looked at our house yesterday, and they were here a long time. (Yes, I looked on from a neighbors, waiting to go back to my house - lol!) I'd love to get an offer! Foggyj, I'm in TN. Good luck to you -- hope your house sells quickly!

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Fingers crossed for you!
We have 5 houses for sale in our neighborhood. I'm nervous about leaving our house empty if we don't sell by the end of March. We are leaving the area, by 300 miles.
Not much time on the market.

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I hope this means good things for you!

We'll be putting our home on the market in Jan, having a baby at the end of Jan, and moving sometime in there about 300 miles away - so I can completely understand the tension and the hopefulness!

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