how best to align window trim on two windows misaligned

lgp1234September 5, 2012

we had our GC punch out a second window adjacent to an existing window in our kitchen

the older window was a "retrofit" (window put into existing frame) and the new window is "new construction"- thus they do not align.

I think the trim mismatch is obvious and I think we should add a thin moulding to the top of one to align it. I know this is a bandaid, but at least the top of trim to ceiling is same height. I know it's not a moulding practice, but simplest- would it look odd?

Other option(s)

1- cut down trim around entire new window to align at top- issue is that trim isn't as decorative and will be thinner all around then that is a mismatch

2- replace trim on old window to be bigger to match. however, window shares trim with sliding door so we would need to replace all trim for both- costly and I think overkill

I knew this would be the case with the two methods of construction and we didn't have a choice- it looks okay from outside because it was possible to align the trim. I didn't realize it would be so obvious:-(

What do you think? We need to decide in the next few hours!! (I'll post a picture soon)

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Why not remove and replace the older window and align them both. Then you have no issues with mismatch.

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That's some GC you got there, putting a replacement next to new construction? I vote for geller's solution and it should have been a no brainer for any industry professional.

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