Water Rings on Marble

bluej422April 8, 2013

I've seen posts where people talk about glasses leaving water rings on their marble countertops (or other marble surfaces). Are those water rings caused by etching and if so why would plain water etch (unless you lived somewhere with slightly acidic water)? Or, are the rings formed by the deposit of the minerals found in hard water? Any reason why the condensation from glass with ice water would leave a ring, but it's still ok to use the same tap water to spray or wipe down your counters? Thanks!

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We had polished (shiny) marble counters in our old place and had issues with water leaving marks. The issue was if the water stayed on the counter for a bit, at least a minute or two. So the area around our sink was covered with little droplet marks and we had several rings from water glasses. Not sure if that would be an issue with a honed finish. I think our water is slightly hard but I don't think the water was out of the ordinary.

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I noticed water rings on my marble by the dishwasher where I usually unload and place glasses down. I was surprised that happened and was also questioning why. I since have had the surfaced professionally fixed and use Miracle water ring and etch removal compound when an etch occurs. It works!

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Do you remove the sealer to use that product? Also, is your marble honed? Any info on how you use the product would be appreciated.

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Long story short, I had honed marble but when the etching occured, the fabricator buffed it out to a polished surface. Mind you, the rest of my kitchen is still honed.

The product is a dry powder you mix with water to form a thick paste. You simply use a plastic scrub type sponge to work it into the spot in circular motions. The product specifies it is for use on polished surfaces. No, it is not necessary to remove the sealer before using the product. Good question though.

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FWIW, I just noticed what I think is a ring from a glass that was wet with plain water on my Danby marble. Was surprised to see water do this.

Also have lots of droplet marks that look like etches around my main sink.

Afraid to try the buffing compounds myself, maybe in a few years I'll have a pro come buff all the 'tops.

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This is a very good question and I've wondered whether the rings are adding material from hard water deposits or removing material via etching. Maybe next time I go to the stone yard I can get some marble samples and do an experiment. I don't have marble counters, but am curious about what is going on with this. I'll let you know if I find out anything interesting.

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I have had this complaint from many customers.
Seems to happen more on lighter marbles.
Always told our customers it was an etch.
While a true stain would be darker than the stone an etch mark will always be lighter-no exceptions to this rule.
We have always treated them like etch marks only because
the lighter looking rings appear to be just that and are removed by honing.
Just recently a customer with danby complained that her kids would fill up large mugs with water and ice .
They would take a few sips and leave them on the center island all night.
She said the rings they left were darker in the morning but after drying out they look like etch marks.
Didnt put much thought into it as we refinished the countertops and all the rings,etches and scratches were removed.
We did however make the surface more matte to help conceal future etching. We sealed the countertops very well and upon followup was glad to hear that the glasses
were no longer leaving marks.
I would be very interested in what you find out Karin.

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It's those hydrogen ions in the water.

Here is the chemistry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Limestone and marble erosion by water

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I haven't had that problem at all with my Danby marble which is sealed with Bullet Proof. Even If there are dried water spots in the am by the sink if I wipe them off with wet cloth, there's nothing there. I'm wondering if it's something in certain water?

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Thanks Glisson4 for your response. Everything seems to etch my marble. Maybe I should call a professional for advice.

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I have samples of granite counters and marble all over my counters right now until I am sure what I want. I also have the man-made quartz. So far I was so happy with the Imperial Danby Marble samples as I love the look with my tile and either the white or the cherry cabinet samples. But after putting dishes away today from my dishwasher to the kitchen cabinets and then rinsing off the dishes in the sink and putting them in the dishwasher. I notices a few water marks that are not coming out. I guess I would need to test a sample that is sealed. I may order samples of the other Danby Marble also and some Quartz counters if I can find some places that will send them to me. I love the creamy color that is not too creamy, but not too gray and I love the gray and gold-brown veins in the counter.

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