8 prints too many?

pensivernJune 9, 2012

I just finished framing several botanical prints that I planned on hanging above my couch in my LR (2 rows of 4); now I'm thinking maybe 2 rows of 3 will look better (less cramped).

Any thoughts? Here's a pic before I start putting holes in mt wall.

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I think with the length of your sofa and the size of the prints, 4 over 4 will look great. In this case, more is more!
I'd have the bottom of the bottom row no more than 12 or 14 inches above the sofa back, and hang them pretty close together, so they are like pages in a book.

Good job, you!

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Thanks for the suggestion; actually they literally are pages from a book. I razored several pages from a large coffee table book which was on clearance for something like $3.00. I bought the frames in bulk on-line so the entire wall cost

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Those look great! I did the same thing with fruit prints from a book I got at the library book sale for a dollar. Have even cut pictures of paintings from old encyclopedias and framed them.

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They look really nice! I agree you have just the right amount of room for all eight. I would hang them spaced apart about the width of the matting on the sides of the prints (or white border, if that's what it is). At most the width they are all apart from their neighbor to the side and below or above should be the white mat width plus the frame width, so they work as a single piece. Looking forward to the finished result--

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I think eight is just right too. I love the splashes of color that appear in some of them. I can't wait to see them up. Get the hammer and when you are finished post a pic please!

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One thought is to use the 3M hanging strips. That way you won't have holes in your walls if you change your mind on the set up. I love those things as I never get the nail in the right place!

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Another vote for 4 over 4. I would add to be sure to start them in a bit from either end, rather than try to span the width of the couch. Think of it as trying to cover about 2/3 - 3/4 of the total width.

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Yes, too many, send me four. Just kidding, it's perfect.

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When hanging a group like this, I do the old trick of laying them out on the floor, and then measuring the space between once I like the arrangement. You'll want to balance the images and their colors, too, so that the whole thing works as one composition - hence the suggestion that they not be very far apart.

The suggestion that you start with mat-plus-frame as the separating dimension is good - but see how it looks to you on the floor, and then fiddle with it if you want to.

I also measure the exact location of the hanging device on the back of each picture, and use those numbers to establish the location of the hooks or nails on the wall.

Make a rough sketch of the group of 8 squares and note the measurements along each row to guide you. Start with the distance from the outer edge to the middle of the first hanger on the back, add the width of the rest of the first frame, the spacing between, and the distance to the hanger on the second one...rinse and repeat! Same thing top to bottom.

Then get out your level, figure out where the first nail goes, follow your numbers level and plumb, and hammer away.

It sounds like a lot of carrying on - but the time and care is well worth it when you actually start the hanging.

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Love them! Yes to hanging four over four!

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AGree - all of them! You have a great color composition going on all around!

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Pls tell me where you ordered the frames. TIA

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Gracie, I got them from FramesUSA.com

I think I ordered from the architect series in cherry.

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Pretty prints and I too vote for 4 over 4. I think there was a thread here not long ago about how high to hang above a sofa and how far apart to hang pictures in a grouping. The rule of thumb was 6-8 inches above a sofa and 2.5-3 inches apart. Above a dresser it was 9-11 inches. I was paying attention because I was getting ready to hang 4 pieces above the sofa at our lake house!

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pensivern, thanks; checking the site out now.

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gracie, oops, it's FrameUSA Not frameSusa which is a different site!

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I recently posted about how high to hang a similar grouping over a sofa, and among the suggestions was that the grouping should be about 75% as large as the sofa.

We ended up separating ours by the width of a level, which was also the width of our frames. fwiw. The closer the better

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