Jelly Roll site - Any expereince?

magothyrivergirlDecember 26, 2011

Does anyone have experience buying from this site?

Not having a very big stash, I have found that keeping a few jelly rolls on hand is wise for times when I need to put together a quilt quickly.

Take note-their JR's are only 20 strips.

Here is a link that might be useful: JellyRoll

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I have not ordered from them but like the way they pkg. the fabric colors. A 20 strip roll that would be just short of 1.5 yds. of fabric. I would have to fig. the pr. of shipping to decide it would be something I felt worth while. Interesting site.

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I have not ordered from them, Marsha. If you do, give us your thoughts on the fabric. I've always thought Jelly Rolls were pricy....but convenient. @:)


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I haven't ordered from them, but saw several colors I would like to have. The white on white is particularly useful and hard to find! The Warm Chocolate Brown would be fun to have, especially combined with the light blues.

As long as you know it's only 20 instead of 40, it's not a bad deal. The 40 packs can be too much of one color set for me, so with the 20s I could get two packs to mix.


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I was thinking the same thing, Kate. I bought some mini rolls last summer in Hilton Head (sadly the shop closed this year) and I did use them as fill in colors.
I think I am going to order the whites, and a few others to get the free shipping - if I understand it correctly. Not having a huge stash, jelly rolls are a good way to add some solids and some variety without buying alot of yardage.
I seem to switch the colors out and have a mish mash of leftovers.

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I bought some Bali Pops at a reduced price at a quilt show a few months ago. Since then, I've read that sometimes precut fabric isn't always cut straight. Hopefully that won't be the case with mine.
My plan is to start something with them after the holidays. Should be a fun way to beat the winter doldrums.

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I have used Bali Pops and jelly rolls from Moda - all were cut straight and were great to use. You will have fun with those pops!

What colors did you get? I have Cotton Candy and Strawberry Fields that I'm planning to use in a log cabin quilt in 2012.


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I have used about 10 sets - one was by Textile Creations & it was not a good cut, but the quilt turned out great. It was also very inexpensive. I bought it from HOP.

I think you have to be careful what patterns you choose.
The Bali pops are not cut perfectly, but my experience is they are very acceptable. I read a few years ago, they had a huge problem with the variance of the width, but have since corrected the problem.

For someone like me, who wants to never own boxes & boxes of fabric again, they are a great way to get a variety of colors and prints.

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Kate, in answer to your question, I ended up picking one called Watermelon, and boy what a tough choice--they were all so pretty!

A friend sent me these 2 links:

They look like fun!

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