10+ floot closet, 6 foot doors

HouseRemodSeptember 7, 2013

I have a closet in my new place that is slightly over 10 feet. It only has a 6 foot opening though. It has the typical racks for hanging clothes and then shelves on the sides at 90 degrees to the door facing in to the closet.

I'm having a hard time picturing how I can make a closet organizer work there. It seems like a lot of wasted access space.

Is this the way closets are built currently? Should I look at increasing the opening of the closet? Any ideas?

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How deep is the closet?

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About 2.5 feet

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I have the same thing in our newly remodeled space. The extra depth is good. We have the Elfa system (which I can adjust practically infinitely). The rails are mounted all on the back wall. I do have to sneak around to get at the stuff in the sides, but I also am one to rotate things once a year. One side is all shelves where I box some things (keeps the moths away). The stuff that is harder to get to is the stuff that I don't access much. Not as ideal as having the opening wider, but then I think the option is bypass door systems or accordion doors (there are nice, pricey Italian / European versions).

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