Gorgeous Wedding Ring Pattern

magothyrivergirlDecember 10, 2011

I think this is the really, really beautiful.

It has toolgranny's name all over it ~lol~

Here is a link that might be useful: Flowers for My Wedding Ring Pattern

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gorgeous! I love all the rainbow colors in it.

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Boy, I must be getting a reputation! Yes, that's gorgeous. But I'd want someone else to make all those flying geese before I did the applique. We need to start a two-part group. One group does piecing, the other adds the applique. I'd vote for the second half.

Marsha, did you see this one I did long ago out of hand dyes? It's sort of half and half and even has pink pearls.


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I'll do your piecing if you do my applique!!! Really!

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OK, I vote for LindaOh to do the wedding ring part, Jennifer to do the FG and ToolGranny Linda the applique. heh heh heh

Gorgeous rainbow wedding ring.
Linda, love your quilt. You do such beautiful work.


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Linda, I had not seen your quilt! Beautiful colors-is this the one you spoke of regarding the dye? I hope not!
I just thought the other quilt looked like something you would make - easily - all that beautiful applique.

I think Sharon put a perfect group together - each one of you would have possession of the quilt for 4 months a year.

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Great idea. Jennifer, you better get piecing!

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I think both of the quilts are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Best to you,

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Linda, your quilt is lovely. I love the colors and the pattern. Is it an original?

The wedding ring quilt is beautiful too. I can't imagine the work it entails.

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Linda that is gorgeous as usual !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lois I'll let you know how much work it entails lol!!!!!!!!

Marsha I was so suprised when I saw your post! This pattern replaces and older version 'A garden For My Wedding' that I ordered from ebay for $15. I have been wanting to make a DWR for a long time, but her patterns are expensive (IMO). I am really looking forward to this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
like I really need another pattern lol!
quilting addicted Rosa

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Both quilts are lovily. Know I wouldn't be up to all that applique. I don't have the patience but admire those that do.
I agree it would be nice to share task that challenge. I need a person that likes to sandwich a quilt.lol.

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Linda, that is beautiful and even more special because you dyed the fabrics. I still have my dye kit and fabric, but STILL haven't used it! I swear, 2012 is the year.

Marsha, I saw that DWR with the applique at a quilt show. The quilter did a great job with it and everyone was stopping to admire it.

Rosa, can hardly wait to see your pictures! When do you start?


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Both of those are beautiful!! I'm with Linda, I'm on the applique team! I think that's one reason I like both of those so well. I really like the mix of machine and applique.


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