Salt on your rulers?!?

K8OrlandoDecember 15, 2010

Has anyone tried this? I just read that if you want your rulers to stop sliding around put a tiny bit of glue on the corners and sprinkle salt on them. Brush off the excess salt when it's all dry and you are left with slightly rough spots that make it easier to keep the ruler in place when rotary cutting. Sounds like a great idea and much cheaper than those little grippy dots!

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I would think water based glue would dissolve the salt so I suppose they mean something like rubber cement. I'll have to try it. It sounds like a good idea.

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Why not just use sand paper on the back of the ruler?

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Some of my rulers had round rough spots. I can see where glue and salt would do the same sort of thing. I know that is soooo annoying when you ruler slides while cutting.

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It sounds to me like some quilter was up way too late, switched off the coffee and started on wine.

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I use those sandpaper dots...I bought a package years ago and am still working on it. I don't remember them being particulary expensive.

I think salt on my rulers would just give the goofy cats one more reason to be in messing with my quilting stuff!


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Salt in your sewing box in not a good thing it holds moisture and contributes to rust.

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Wait! Wine is bad?!?!?

LOL - I hadn't thought about the cats but they would be all over this! Lick, lick, lick until it's gone!

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I use metal rulers that are made with cork glued onto the bottom of them so they don't slide when on top of fabric. They are called Stainless Steel Non-Skid Flexible rulers and are made in the U.S.A. I have one that is 12 inches long and the other one is 24 inches long. I think I got them years ago at Hobby Lobby or the university book store. They do cost a little more than a regular ruler, but I have have used them a great deal for over a decade and they still are in great condition. I expect I will be using them for decades to come. They are stainless steel so they don't rust.

Best to you,

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No, Kate - wine is good! Well, in moderation if you're handling sharp objects! :)


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I agree, wine in moderation is good. Salt on rubber cement - so NOT good.

The sandpaper dots are cheap, as are the rubbery plastic ones. But even a small section of Glad Press-N-Seal will work to prevent your ruler from slipping.

Sandra (Quiltingfox), I understand that you like your metal rulers, but I often want to line up 2 edges, and actually see through the ruler. My ruler of choice is an acrylic 6" x 24". I can line up 2 edges, know I'm square, and also fussy cut if necessary.

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Oh, wine in moderation is good, I was just trying to imagine my own mental states when I do certain things, desperate, I've had it up to my eyeballs, I need a solution NOW things. I'm at my most creative when I'm aggravated at 2am and slightly insane. And ye olde LQS is closed then, so I'm on my own with my pantry and junk drawer.

I think it was around 2 when I thumb tacked that queen size flannel sheet directly on my living room wall. It was divine, and once it was done in the passion of the wee hours I kept it up for months.

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Patsy - The quilter must have been doing Shots of tequila - where's the lime???? ~LOL~

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What I can't understand is why some quilters do not use anything on the underneath of their rulers? Those things slip-slide around something horrid if they don't have a grippy thing on the bottom. I think there should be a law!

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Teresa, for years and years I didn't use or want anything on the bottom of my rulers. I now have a rule with the grip and one without. I use the one without most.

I was upholstering, and cutting bias strips for welt cord. I needed to slide that ruler along the fabric, LOL. I'd cut my strips from any piece available, and loved it when I could get a long strip.

One doesn't do the "continuous bias from a tube" method with upholstery - one just cuts bias strips where-ever one finds a 10" or more strip.

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I was a drafter long before I was a quilter so I like to be very exact in my measurements. Along with my stainless steel non-skid rulers I like to use a rotary cutting 8"x8" quilting clear plastic measuring board that is incrementally marked and a 12" Pacific Arc clear plastic triangle and some smaller, clear triangles to make sure edges are straight. The stainless steel non-skid rulers make for a good non-moving straight edge to slide the clear triangles against especially when you want to get that perfect 45 degree angle or other specific angles. I find my drafting tools come in very handy in cutting fabric and making plastic template quilting pattern pieces. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday / and Peaceful New Year.

Best to you,

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