removing stone from countertop

treblecatSeptember 12, 2013

I built a new countertop for the bathroom using stone tiles. Now, it seems I wasn't careful enough, and one tile is slightly higher than the others around it. How difficult will it be to remove and replace that one tile? The tiles are on cement backerboard.

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Not that difficult. Now is a good time to invest in a multi-tool (eg. Fein multimaster or similar.) Remove the grout with it (grout blade). Then cut an X in the stone with a grinder, catching the dust with a shopvac....or use a masonry bit and make several holes in the stone and remove the stone in pieces. Once you got a few out, the rest will come out with the aid of a 5-in-1 painter's tool and a hammer. After all the pieces are out, use your multi-tool with the rasp blade to grind out the remaining thinset. Now it's ready to try again.

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thanks! However, buying a multi-tool isn't going to happen. I discovered that my angle grinder will take a wet/dry blade and seems to cut the stone ok, so I may try it in the way you suggest. Hopefully, then, I can grind down and chip out the thinset. What do you think?

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You can get an inexpensive multi-tool at Harbor Freight for about $30.

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I second the Harbor Freight recommendation. I thought I would just be trying the tool to see if I liked what it did and then I'd buy the Fein if I did. Several years later.....the knockoff is still going strong. And it's the most used tool that I own, because it's the most versatile. It is SO worth the money!

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