Need suggestions on camouflaging pool propane tank ...please!!!

ailene54June 8, 2014

Our propane tank has been on the side of the house since built 17 years ago, we bought the house 8 years ago. When we asked for tank to be filled this year we were told it's to close to the house (new regulations), safer is fine with me. I just need ideas on how to camouflage it, since it will now be closer to the pool. We have a kidney shape pool with waterfall, soon the day lilies will be blooming, I hate to think of this huge white yank right near it. Please suggest ways of camouflaging it....thanks.

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can you post pics?

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Can you have it buried? Ours is, and we cover the "conning tower" (the filler thing) with a very convincing fiberglass boulder.

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I'm with Chibimimi. I'd have it buried. We live in the country where you go all electric or have a propane tank. We went all electric, but a couple of our neighbors buried their tanks.

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Annie Deighnaugh

There are a number of ideas on line if you search on camouflage propane tank, including this one....for Beatle fans only!

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Annie,that is so cute, but I still wouldn't want it in my yard. LOL

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

What about pampas grasses or zebra grasses or if you live somewhere warmer , knock out roses get very tall ? The grasses would be my first choice tho. Here in tn the roses can get to 7/8 feet tall no problem. They just take a few years.

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A fence with vines climbing up would work too.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I should have stated it's my pool propane tank that needs moving, they will not allow us to bury or paint it. I just called up a company that sells camouflaging rocks for tanks unfortunately not the kind of tank I have. I would have taken a picture today, but it's raining, will take when it stops. Right now I'm leaning toward putting a fence around it, with hanging plants. Guidelines also state they need "easy access" on one side. My husband is calling up other companies trying to get a better price, and we are hoping not to dig up more of the yard then we have to on the move. I've always said a house is the biggest sponge you can buy. Thanks again for all suggestions!

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We have a lattice fence around our propane tank altho it's well away from our house and not in the landscaped area. If it's near your pool adding vines would look even better. I'd locate it as far away from the house and pool as possible.

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Perhaps consider a roll or two of bamboo fencing -- tied along the lattice fence?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest -- Bamboo fencing

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Thanks again for suggestions. The tank is going to be along the fence, 20 feet from the house....not sure exactly where, but think you can see how noticeable. I have two swings facing that fence on other side of yard and our table is under a pagoda....also facing the pool.
Luckygal I will consider the lattice when it's up, but can't imagine how it's going to look.
Teacats the bamboo is a great suggestion, when it up I will try it.

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How large is the tank? That makes a big difference in how you treat it. A full-house tank like the yellow submarine takes a whole lot more camouflaging than a smaller tank.

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The tank stands around 5 feet tall, and it's round. It's smaller then the submarine, it holds around 60 gallons if that helps. Im trying to find out if I have any choice where it will go, apparently it can't be that far from the pool heater. Right now DH thinks it's going to be even with the end of the pool against the fence. I will take a picture of the tank tomorrow so you can see it....thanks!

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Could you put trellis/pergola in front of it (at a safe distance) and let flowering vines grow the lattice? That'd provide a structure to obscure it without impeding access.

This is the sort of structure I have in mind.

Love clematis vines!

Ok, now looking at images of pergolas and trellis with flowering vines, I want one!

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Thanks so much for this suggestion...they are adorable! Will take all into account....and post when it's up....thanks again! Just found out we need to get a co which will take weeks , and hopefully will be before the end of the summer,,,,,I'm since disgusted by all of this, I would like to use my pool before end of summer,,,live on Long Island, summer is a short season!

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