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patti60December 6, 2012

haven't been on much, not been able to sew last couple weeks. my mother fell on her back, she is 90 so it's been rough. hopefully she will be on the mend now and life can get back to normal. need to finish my jan b-day blocks. hope every one is well and sewing. christmas for me is done. giving 5 quilts for gifts to my granddaughters this year. have 1 new grand who is 6 weeks old. so have time for her. next year have 4 boys to do for. just wish prices weren'tso high.

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Hi Patti - sounds like life has been pretty crazy for you. Best wishes for your Mom's recovery!

When you start working on those boys' quilts remember that you can pick up men's cotton shirts at thrift stores for just a couple dollars and then cut them up for the fabric. The blue oxford and white dress shirts, mixed with some plaid or Hawaiian shirt fabric, would be great for boy quilts.


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Oh, Patti, I feel for you! I sure hope your mom is on the road to recovery.

I hope my mom is, too...she passed out and broke her hip in mid-Oct. So far she's been in the hosp. 8 days, rehab 12 days, hosp. 5 days, rehab 16 days, hosp. 11 days (currently still in the hosp.). Hopefully all the nasty infections are nearly gone and she can concentrate on rehab soon.


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Welcome back. We missed you. I hope your Mom is on the mend and able to enjoy the holidays.

Kate is right. The thrift stores are your friends. Got lots of my homespuns there when no one else thought they were worth saving. Also watch for sales at the Connecting thread or Keepsake quilting websites.

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Sorry to read of your Mom's fall, that has got to be tough at 90.

Donna...I understand your hands are full as well, broken hips are not fair but it seems this happens way too frequently to women.

Prayers to both of you....

The idea of the using the thrift store for quilt fabric sounds like it would make a warm and inviting quilt. It's a great idea! Love to see the result someday..

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