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canishelSeptember 4, 2011

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I'm trying to find a door that matches the other interior doors in the house. This new door will be close to several other doors, so it needs to match. These other doors were common around here (East Tennessee), but the lumber yard went out of business, so I can't call them. I've searched the web and asked the lumberyards/hardware stores/distributors (with photos), so far to no avail.

So now I want to search again using the appropriate terminology.

Alternatively, does anyone know who made or still makes these doors?

Thank you for any help.

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I'm sure that you can find fir stain grade raised panel six panel doors in a lot of places. They may be special order nowadays though, and they may not match your existing doors exactly. If this is an older home, a salvage yard might be a place to start. Or you could remove one of the doors from a less visible portion of the home and place it where you need it and then replace the removed door.

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Thank you for answering. The main problem is with the raised panel. I don't know what to call and to describe the section between the flat raised part and the sticking.
There are two angles, without a step and without curves.

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the parts of the door that go left to right are called rails. the parts that go up and down are called styles. the one going left to right where the door knob is called center lock rail. the top and bottom are called upper and lower lock rails.

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Is this your door - Interior 66?

Here is a link that might be useful: Simpson 6 panel door

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jmc01, no, that's not my door. The panel has a double hip. One response from the woodworking forum says the panel is chamfer raised panel.

FYI, I'm awaiting Tuesday, when everyone should be back at work, to see if TruStile doors are really available in this area. The TruStile website says it is. The diagrams are closest to my doors.

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this is the profile of the panel, but every door maker has its slight differences.

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