2013 color of the year is....

karpetDecember 6, 2012

(according to Pantone)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantone

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Well, at least it's a decent color for 2013, I'll give them that.


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Thanks for posting that! I always miss The Big Announcement from Pantone. I agree it's as decent color - and it could make a nice addition to a quilt!

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One of my favorites. TFS.

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Hey, that's my birthstone, maybe I'll get a great big one! But then again pigs might fly, too.

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Oh, thank goodness...a color I can stand! LOL Maybe fabric print designs will get prettier, too. It's been easy to work from my stash for the last several years b/c fabric in stores has just not tempted me.


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Love it. But, I thought emeralds were green. This looks more like turquoise. Maybe it's just my eyes.

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Rita, that is my Birhtstone as well. Love the green and sq. cut. Not in the cards for me either but maybe some nice emerald green fabric........................

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My birthstone, and my very favorite color. Guess that I'm going shopping, even though I had promised myself .....mo more fabric shopping! Oh, well, maybe just some for accent?

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I'm thinking something lush and tropical, with this specific green used throughout. I haven't been inspired for a while but this might do it!

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I like the color too, but just curious, who is Pantone and why do they get to choose the color of the year? Or is it just THEIR color of the year? Who chose that orange for last year? was it Pantone?

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I will second what Donna said! The fabrics lately have not inspired me either, and thank goodness for just a nice, rich basic green. I've been having a hard time coordinating solids to prints with current fabrics because they are just 'off' by a hair and don't work for me. It reminds me of a beautiful teal blue skirt I bought once. I could not match it with ANY blouses other than white........everything was just discordant and put my teeth on edge. I finally donated it to Good Will and I think I wore it once.

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From wikipedia:

"Pantone Inc. is a corporation headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The company is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics."

From working on projects at my job, I know that a Pantone color is the same if you choose it for your logo, then contact a printer to print your logo on paper, or have your logo show up on the internet, or in a magazine, etc. The color of your logo will always be true to the same Pantone color you originally chose. The colors are numbered so everyone is on the same color.

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At least it is a color I have heard of - I get so confused by the names the paint companies give to the paints!

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oohhh Teresa...your note harkens me back to my days as Quality Manager and the dark dark year our company's red on thousands and thousands of printed disposable food containers did not match the pantone Red that our no.1 customer selected......this was in days before computerized color matching...Pantone was not my friend for many years ...However in retrospect...I can smile about it now :-)

I think the lotto this year may need to have an Emerald green block in honor of the color of the year!


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I hear you V.! We even had a person we called the "logo cop" that you were supposed to consult when you were doing any printing or advertising. But still some klitches arose.

My ideal job would be to come up with new paint color names! My sewing room is painted "In Your Eyes" by Benjamin Moore.


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Teresa - okay, what color is "In Your Eyes"? I have no idea!!

V. - my boss wanted new business cards made up exactly like her current ones with four colors in the background. She kept saying that they were maroon and gray but it looked tan to me! But what do I know. I took a color accuracy test and did, well, not so well. But my DH aced it so he tells me that proves I've been wrong about colors all these years when we disagree!

Here is a link that might be useful: on line color challenge

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The color is a very nice light blue with a lighter shade of the same blue on the ceiling.

"Splish Splash" is the yellow color in my kitchen and "Dried Parsley" is a wonderful green on the dining room walls.


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Gosh, it seems I didn't do well on that color test, but then I didn't understand the instructions at first either. I was moving the colors btwn different rows, not re-ordering them on the same line.

I'm a lifelong artist & a recovering textile designer; yikes, I don't know what to think. I also didn't understand when they compared my score against that of others, didn't understand the meaning of the results AT all.

When I used to go to color & trend forecasting shows (where colors standards like this are discussed, reviewed & forecast) I used to go nuts w/ the names they chose for colors; just HATE how you can't tell a color from the name, not for me!!!

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