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Kitah4911December 10, 2013

Is there a difference in the Tator batting and 100% cotton batting you use for microwave bowls or tator bags?

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I've never heard of tater batting so just googled it.I made the microwave bowls and the tater bags and I just used 100% cotton batting.It holds up fine.

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Thanks ,

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My understanding is that the tater batting is 100% organic (no pesticides used in growing or processing), whereas the usual cotton batting is otherwise. Those concerned about the potential for food to absorb fumes will be careful to use 100% organic batting. I haven't learned of any other difference between the cotton batting sold specifically for microwave use and any other batting. Keep in mind that this potential also applies to the fabric used for quilting.

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I researched these last year and found some reports of fires in the microwave. Just mentioning.

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Some people in the Seeds & Stitches group which used to be on Round Robin Forum, made microwave potato bags using cotton batting and they caught fire in the microwave when used.

Best to you,

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If not using pure 100% cotton batting, there is a danger of fire. Read the batting label for the content carefully....some battings labeled as "cotton batting" contains a small percentage of polyester or some other man made fiber that will melt and/or catch fire. Hobbs and Warm and Natural are NOT 100% pure cotton. The "tater" batting is likely 100% cotton with absolutely no other fibers. Dream Cotton batting is also 100% cotton.
I have made and given away lots of these bowls, they are very well received but be extremely careful about the batting content. My first one (made for myself thank goodness) did catch fire and after careful research I now use only the proper batting.

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I had never heard about issues with fire.
Dh uses his almost daily,so far so good.Sure hope it stays this way.

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Warm Tater batting is pure cotton... no scrim. Most all cotton battings saying they're all cotton still contain scrim, and scrim is polyester. Without the scrim you'd have to quilt much closer together to keep the batting from separating. So, with the warm tater, you do have to quilt close together.

Anyway, it's the scrim that's flammable.

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