Price and quality comparisons of frameless brands

efeuerApril 2, 2013

I've been trying to price out frameless cabs. aat a number of local dealers. The brands I've found so far are:

Brookhaven/Woodmode (I've only considered the Brookhaven, though)
Dura Supreme
Bertch Custom.

I'm still collecting quotes, but so far the Greenfield came in around $13K delivered and the Brookhaven $13K installed. The Bertch dealer is drawing up a quote now, but he said it would be maybe $1K or so more than the framed, which are $12,000 in furniture board and almost $14 in all plywood. Greenfield only does 3/4" plywood.

Some of these lines of cabinets are not commented on much around here--Greenfield and Bertch, especially. Does anyone have any info on the relative quality and price brackets of these lines?

My kitchen is about 10x12', BTW. Thanks.

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I also know of InnerMost (sp?) at Home Depot, which I did not price because I somehow missed them. Also Executive, which look really nice but I have flakey local dealers that did not get back to me so not sure on price other than I got the impression they were very reasonable (one dealer was brand new to the line and just getting materials so I don't hold that against them).

Plus Bellmont, which I have currently stacked all over the great room waiting for install in May. They look really nice. They have a 1900 series and a 1600 series, which differ on what's standard and also material thickness.

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I just ordered Greenfield cabinets for my kitchen overhaul. I am having trouble with my order (tried to make a minor change 2 days after ordering but before the cabinets were cut) and have written to the upper levels there to try and solve the problem. My cabinet dealer had no luck with their customer service dep't. I will post a follow up when I find out if they are going to be customer-friendly or ignore my problem because they already have my money.

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I honestly have no idea on relative cost, but we chose InnerMost from HD and couldn't be more pleased with them. In fact, we liked them so much in the kitchen that we finally bit the bullet and installed a wall of their cabinets in a different style in our MBR. In our approx. 13 x 9 kitchen plus 4 more 66" (?) "china cabinets" in the attached DR, the total came to $14,000-odd. This included all lower drawers, a pantry with lower pull-outs, a super-susan, but no spice pull-outs, etc.

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Another line that I hear nothing about here is Luxury Line by Tedd Wood.

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There was a recent thread asking about best frameless cabinet line, though the OP specified white cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread called Best Cabinet Line for Frameless Kitchen

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Based on some recs here on GW, we ordered (and just installed) the Advantage by Bridgewood cabinets. You can choose frameless. I did a bunch of shopping around, and they were the best value that I could find. But I also had a lot of special issues, so I need something pretty custom, which these are.

I live in the SF Bay Area, and they're not sold in a store here, so I ordered through their West distributor. If you're around here, you can email him, Rob, at robdupriest [at] ymail dot com

Here is a link that might be useful: Advantage Cabinets

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So now that my Bellmont 1900 series cabinets are installed, I have to add that we LOVE them! Even the installers (new to the company we worked with) kept commenting on how nice they were. Some of the doors will be replaced, but that seems par for the course with installs, and it is at the request of the cabinet company we are working with. The issues they pointed out were minor, though a bit annoying to see. I haven't had to ask for anything yet.

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