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sandlapper_roseDecember 1, 2010

This is a place where all of the members of the Birthday Block Exchange can post to share general information or say hello. We are trying to get to know each other a little better. The groups for 2011 have all been formed and names sent out, but if you missed out and might want to be on a substitution list, get in touch with me or Kristene.

Please continue to post as you have been doing for the birthday girls each month - by group name, birthday, first name and GardenWeb name and just one heading for each starting about a month before his/her birthday. Kristene or I will try to remember to do that for the groups, but if you notice we have not done so yet, you can start the heading. Just make sure there is not one already there. Having one list makes it so much easier to check to see what has been sent and received. Kristene or I will post the birthdays for the following month a few weeks ahead of time as a reminder of which birthdays are coming up. That also will continue just like last year also. This is just a place to chat, share information, pass along favorite web sites, etc.

How did it get to be December so soon? This year just flew by! I'll bet many of you, like me, are trying to finish making some Christmas gifts --- maybe forget the word "finish" and talk about "starting" them? LOL

Happy Holidays to all and I'll be back on here before long.

After the holidays maybe we can share what gifts we made and pictures of them if you have pictures. Not now or we will spoil the surprises!!!


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I am happpy to report that all my blocks for the Ribbon and Bows and Make a Wish have been completed. Just have to package them and mail on time. Feels good to know I can start the New Year ready.
Now to other things. Jayne

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Kristene asked me to post this picture for you so you can see what the block that you send to her should look like. You are only doing the first part of the instructions for her block. She will work with the block more after it has been received. I'm not sure if the instructions ever reappeared on the internet. Anyway, as Kristene explains this:

This is Stage 1 of my Butterfly block that I am asking quilters to do for me. I've been trying to upload onto GW forum to show others what a block would look like, but have been having trouble. Would you be able to put it on the GW site for me please?
The outer squares can be in any warm mid green - either Japanese print, Batik, tone on tone or solid green. All 4 squares can be the same or do 2 the same and 2 different or all 4 different.
What they send to me is a 14" square. After I finish going through the rest of the steps, the blocks to be joined will be 12"
If you have any questions, please e-mail Kristene and ask. It's almost midnight here, but I have my fabrics washed and pressed and am planning to make Kristene's block before I head up to bed. Remember that it will take awhile for mail to reach her.

Happy Holidays and I hope many of you are more ready for the holidays than I am... whew... always seems to be last minute for me!


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Thanks Jeanne for uploading the photo for me. Just want to add, my sample above shows 4 Japanese fabrics for the outer squares, but you can vary the material you use, depending on what you have.

I am looking for fabrics which are predominantly green, but some other colors in with the green are OK as long as not too bright. You can see from my sample there are other colors in the outer squares. I will take photos of blocks sent to me and then what I do to them and show you how they change and become butterflies.


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This is a message for Kittykatz - or any other quilters new to this site who are not sure what Birthday Blocks are.

Jeanne (sandlapper_rose) and myself (tinyteena) are co-ordinators and in Sept called for quilters who wanted to be in the 2011 BB Groups.

Each group consists of 13 quilters and we TRY to spread the quilters in each group, according to their birthdays, so there is as even a spread throughout the year as possible for each group.

Each quilter chooses 1 quilt block that they would like the others in their group to make for him/her for his/her birthday. (we usually use an internet site that has free patterns and instructions so we all have access to the same pattern)

Jeanne & I send out the list of people in your group, their email & postal addresses, their birthdate and their block and color choices.

Then on your birthday, you will receive 12 blocks of the pattern you have chosen from the other 12 people in your group. This is why it's called the Birthday Block Group. In return, each quilter must send the requested block to each of the 12 members in his/her group on his/her birthday - a fair exchange. And we usually send a Birthday card as well with the block.

Kristene (tinyteena)

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I received my first block from Eileen (equilter) and here is her 14" block

Next I cut her block vertically and horizontally at 7" line

Then each of those 7" squares are matched with another 7" square of toning fabric, sewn together either side of the diagonal and then cut apart on the diagonal - thus creating an A unit and a B unit

Once all four 7" squares have been transformed, then 2 x A units and 2 x B units are placed together to form a new generation Butterfly Block that is 12"

I will actually wait till have many more blocks from other quilters, so I don't have the same blacks meeting each other in the centre.

It's a real metamorphosis, isn't it?
Kristene (tinyteena)

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For all those who participate in the Birthday Block Exchange, I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend that special day with family and friends and if your loved ones are far from home, I hope you get to speak to one another by phone. I don't know if anyone in our group has family in the military, but certainly thinking of those wonderful people, too, and hope they also have a safe Christmas.
Here's a little Birthday Block suggestion. Not everyone has a camera or the knownledge to post a picture of the birthday blocks they receive. If you think of it, take a picture of each block before you mail it. Then, if the person cannot post a picture - and AFTER they have opened the package from you - you can post a picture of the block you made. We love to see pictures!

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Merry Christmas!

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I hope everyone's day was just as special as mine was. A few quilt books were wrapped up under the tree for me so I think I will be looking through them in a little while.
Kate, my daughter is Andrea and she was so excited to receive her block from you. She even brought it down with her from NC so she could show it to me. She was amazed that some blocks had already been mailed out to her.
Enjoy the rest of the day. I am going to relax and maybe listen to some Christmas music or watch some Christmas specials on TV. Getting ready for Christmas seemed so hectic this year! I love Christmas though.

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DH and I had a quiet day. He gave me an Accuquilt Go fabric cutter today. A very nice surprise. I had to try it out of course and cut all the squares for the last two table runners of the year. (I'm two months behind!)
I plan to use it to cut up most of my scraps and organize them.
We are celebrating Christmas next week when the kids come home on Wed. night.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Linda OH

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I'm pleased to hear that Andrea received her block and that she's excited about the whole process! Thanks for letting me know! We have so much fun making them that maybe we forget how exciting it is to receive them. I wonder, if we held onto that feeling then maybe people would never be late in sending the blocks out?


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