Finished Cherry Kitchen with Delicatus Brown

maryann_mApril 22, 2011

I had shared some photos of my almost-done kitchen a few weeks ago. I guess I'm now ready for the final reveal. Since that time, my DH installed the under cabinet lighting which he created from LED strips and supplies which he ordered online. He had a few extra LED lights and I said, "Wouldn't it be cool to have lights under the sink that would turn on when you open the cabinet doors?" He said, "I can do that." (He's an electrical engineer.)

We are absolutely loving our new kitchen. We had a bar-height counter with stools in our old kitchen, but we never ate there. We always ate in our dining room. Now we choose to eat in the kitchen whenever possible (and admire our results).

The sawdust and sweat and stress are becoming distant memories as we work in a space that is so much more functional for us.

We had painted white cabinets for over twenty years, so unlike many of you, with this redesign we opted for stained cabinets. We're big fans of arts and crafts style furniture and homes. Even though our home is a late 70's split level, we wanted to incorporate a slight arts and crafts feel into our space. We love the beauty of wood and natural surfaces.

Here is what we started with:

Here is how it looks now:

LOVE the Silgranit sink! Thanks GW. I think I first found GardenWeb when it kept showing up on my Google search results while I was looking for sink info. We were already part-way through our process at that point.

We bought a new range out of necessity before we decided that a new kitchen was a "go." We previously had a smooth-top electric range and liked it quite a bit. After reviewing other options including gas or induction, we ended up deciding to stick with the smoothtop. We like the Electolux a lot. We're obviously not afraid of electronics--no knobs to be found.

We used to have a microwave the size of a small house on the counter. I'm thrilled to have the microwave off of the counter.

My next project is to tear the blue carpet out of the dining room and continue the hardwood in there. I had originally hoped to match the existing hardwood and run it into the kitchen, but unanticipated complications caused us to change course mid-stream. The new kitchen flooring is comfortable to stand on and is a dream to clean, so I'm very happy with my choice.

Lighting under the sink:

The granite:

The hardware:

The details:

Cabinets: Custom Cherry, Candleglow Stain (Paradise Custom Kitchens) with Blum soft-close doors and soft-close drawers, glass inserts with prairie mullions

Hardware: Amerock Inspirations - Wrought Iron Dark

Extras: peka Magic Corner Pull-out, Spice Rack on back of upper cabinet door, Double Trash pull-out, utensil organizers

Granite: Delicatus Brown with 1/4” beveled edge

Backsplash: MSI Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble 3x6 with Bone grout

Flooring: Congoleum Duraceramic (Tobacco Clay) installed with (Pearl Gray?) grout

Sink: BlancoPrecis 1 & 3/4 Bowl Undermount in Anthracite with Blanco black strainer baskets

Faucet: Moen Medora Single Handle Pullout - Classic Stainless

Range: Electrolux Free-Standing Wave-Touch Electric Range

Chimney Style Hood: 30” Zephyr Anzio

Refrigerator: Samsung French Door RFG298AARS

Dishwasher: KitchenAid KUDS30IXSS

Microwave: GE Profile Spacemaker II PEM31 with trim kit

Under Cabinet Lighting: Dimmable LED strips with on/off wall switch and dimmer control mounted under cabinet-Custom designed by DH with supplies from US LED Supply

Under Sink Lighting - turns on automatically when the cabinet door is opened - custom designed with supplies from US LED Supply by DH

Pendant Lights: American Foursquare by Murray Feiss

Recessed Lights: Juno IC20 5” with wheat haze 216WHZ-WH

Thanks to everyone on GW for your ideas and support through the process.

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Very pretty. We are also doing wood (1/4 sawn w/o) arts and crafts style. It was neat seeing your counters. I haven't really seen many light veined counters with that type of cabinet before.

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Beautiful! I love the cherry and the prairie mullions. You have created a warm and comfortable looking space. Very nicely done!
(And cute kitty, too)


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Beautiful job!! I would like to pull up a stool and have a cup of coffee. Very warm and inviting. Hard work well done!

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I love it. The cabinets are beautiful and match the woodwork in your diningroom. Flows very nicely and goes better than the painted white. Also love the layout. My kitchen in my last house had your same layout and it was very easy to work in. I miss it. Congratulations and enjoy.

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I really like that lighting in your sink cab. Brilliant idea!

The whole design is beautiful, and very classy. Great job!

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What a great job, both in function and in details. By having a corner sink you have given yourself a huge amount of prep counter space. Great idea. I love the gold corner of your granite on the buffet area - Mother Nature at work presenting you with a surprise.

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That looks fabulous! I love the richness of your cabinetry with that Delicatus! It is so warm and welcoming! Love your light under the sink, too! That is a great idea for those dark base cabinets!

And your kitty is soooo cute, too!

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oh yes, i remember your kitchen! it looks wonderful. :)

i really like your layout and that's the best use of a corner sink i've seen yet. the microwave area is so smart and looks great.

the details are so warm and your cabs are just beautiful. it's a great space. so glad you are enjoying it! :)

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What an amazing transformation! The Delicatus is gorgeous, and the new kitchen fits so well with the dining room. Well done!


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I just love the placement of your sink on an angle. It seems perfect. I really cannot imagine why corner sinks aren't more favored; I think they are ideal. And the silgranit looks beautiful, warm, inviting. It all looks so carefully planned. I like the line between tile and wood. I also really appreciate all the detail in explanation.

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Gorgeous. The cabinets are stunning. If possible, please post a picture of the magic corner. I like the way you built in the microwave and LOVE the pulls. Enjoy!!!

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Wonderful job! It is quite a transformation! Beautiful cherry cabs! Enjoy.

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Looks really nice; enjoy!

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Absolutely beautiful, thanks for including the info re your selections. Loved the pendants, I think I have the MF catalog here, just checked, I do. Much easier for me to see something in the actual setting rather than a picture in a catalog.

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It looks absolutely wonderful! Great job!

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Your kitchen shows the perfect layout to use a corner sink--and the automatic lighting in the undersink cab is so great!! I love the color and grain of your cherry cabs with the Delicatus Brown granite! Enjoy!

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Thank you for the kind words, everyone.

Senator, I love quarter-sawn oak. I look forward to seeing your finished kitchen. I considered QS oak for our cabinets, but didn't want to overdo the A&C style too much in our home, since it's not a period home. We do have a few pieces of QS oak furniture, and I absolutely love the grain in the wood. I'm sure you're kitchen will be a showstopper and I look forward to seeing it.

We weren't sure about the idea of a corner sink at first. We were careful to order a large enough cabinet to allow for placement of the sink as close to the front edge of the counter as possible. The larger cabinet cost us a few inches of storage on either side and created a larger triangular area behind the sink than we would have needed. We were concerned about the possibility of developing back strain from reaching too far into the sink. As it turned out, the corner sink is comfortable to work at, and the placement makes it much more of an interesting place to work, as well. The spot behind the sink is turning out to be a great place to slide the coffee maker when it's perking away and not need to worry about steam hitting the upper cabinets. I remember reading a thread about that issue recently.

Motherof3sons, here is the magic corner in several positions. I ended up storing some things that I don't frequently use in that space. Consequently, I haven't given it heavy usage yet, but it seems to operate very smoothly and is sturdy.

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hi Dreamweaver..

I can see why you and DH are eating at the kitchen bar now..

Your cabinets are really gorgeous as is the entire space..what a difference!

I hope you enjoy it for many meals..


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Very nice job! I remember seeing that tile and granite combo before when you showed pics. Isn't it nice to get the beast of a MW off the counter?

Keep enjoying your space and have fun tearing out that lovely blue carpet! ;)

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Circus Peanut

Kitty is obviously very comfortable in there, and I would be too. What gorgeous cherry wood! Of course, despite your brilliant idea (& husband), I'd be afraid to light up the inside of my sink undercabinet, just in case they found Jimmy Hoffa in there --

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Great job! I also love seeing your kitty and doggy in the pictures. Very cute. May I ask, what is the width of your microwave cabinet area (including all three cabinets across)?


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Thanks again, everyone. Breezy, I was SO ready to be rid of our old microwave. We bought it in 1983 when they made them REALLY big and solid. It never stopped working. I have my doubts that this one will last as long, but I am very much enjoying the fact that it is off the counter.

Circuspeanut, I'm hoping that the under-sink lighting will help me to keep that area less cluttered and free from unexpected inhabitants. I decided to move most of the chemical products that used to live under the sink to a closet elsewhere.

As several of you have noticed, our cat enjoys sitting on the stools in the new kitchen as much as we do. I often have to ask her to move so that I can have a seat. Every time I take a picture she seems to show up in that same spot. Our dog has a new favorite spot to nap, too.

Jenhp, the width of the hutch with the microwave is 60". The two side wall cabinets are each 16" wide and the center cabinet is 28".

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I like the way you have colour blocked the space using the cabinets as the contrast point (they pop against the other materials instead of vice versa). Cabinets look great and the whole space is very visually serene and very inviting.

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Gorgeous ! LIGHTS under your sink??!! Excellent. Wood is lovely. Whole look warm & harmonious. THanks for sharing!

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WOW! Nice job. Ggrr8t attention to detail in design, and in the post! Me likey that kitchen.

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This kitchen is gorgeous. I can't stop looking at the pictures. I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing.

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