Kellienoelle: did you resolve your green bloom problem

badgergalApril 7, 2012

Hey Kellie,

Another GWer just posted her Delicatus kitchen reveal and it made me think about yours. Did you have any luck getting those green stains removed from your granite. I sure hope so. Wold love to hear an update.

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Thanks for thinking of me! I haven't posted an update because we are in process. The granite folks said that this happens just about once or twice a year with some of their exotic granites and they know how to get rid of it. They had to order the solution (not sure what it is), which has arrived and they are scheduled to come out on Monday to apply the first treatment. The guy said it usually takes a few times to remove it, and it has only not worked one time that he knows of. So.....fingers crossed and I will certainly let you all know! I am just happy to know that they are being fully accountable for this. Also, I will be having Easter Dinner with the Nephew today, so am also quite happy to know that I can look him in the eye and not think that he was being deceptive!

Now, off to track down the other Delicatus reveal. And it also reminds we that I have never posted pics of my own. Kind of wanted to get the backsplash in, and that has obviously been on hold until the granite is resolved, just in case it needs to be replaced completely.

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Another update, they totally blew us off for our first treatment. Just didn't show up and haven't returned our calls. So, I had my husband call the owner to try to raise he**, but don't know yet what happened with the conversation. I have been trying to let him handle it going on the assumption that a male will command more respect, but I am ready to show up at their shop and release my inner b*tch to see if a little female craziness may be more effective.

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I can help! This happened to me on my delicatua cream, and the fabricator said it was unusual but not unheard of. He told me the cause, and I can't remember the details of it, but this is the fix he used. Make a paste of regular old comet cleaner (not the lemon kind) and water, cover it with saran and tape it on so you get the best seal you can to keep it moist, and leave it for at least 24 hours, unwrap and wipe off- and if the green is still there, do it again. It does work, I had maybe 20 or so of these "electric green" stains, and this will work. hth

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Oh sweet! I am going to try that while I wait for them to get around to help us. I have about a dozen of the spots, some bigger than others, so I see no harm in practicing different techniques to try to get it out. I am a little tired of the sit around and wait technique. Thanks so much emmem! Our fabricator pretty much told us the same thing. I'll let you guys know if it works.

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Sorry about the spelling- delicatus,
He also told me that eventually the spots would resolve but I didn't need to wait. Mine did not appear immediatley after fabrication, I am thinking maybe a week or two later? I am not sure when yours came up- It will work, it did with all of mine. :)

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Mine showed up after a couple of weeks, and, more frustrating, keep popping up. I keep feeling that if I just wait long enough, there will be enough green spots that they will all start to blend together. I am going to purchase the comet today and apply tonight.

In getting back to the fabricator, AGAIN, he said that they would take care of it. I don't think I'll hold my breath.

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