Are you quilting this weekend? 12/18-19

lindaoh_gwDecember 19, 2010

I am a bit late with this post but...are you still working on Christmas gifts?

I still have 2 pair of boxers to finish for DS but everything else is finished and wrapped.

Yesterday I went to a LQS with a friend to pick up a quilt that was done on the longarm. Of course I had to buy something too. They had clearance fabric for $3 and I found black/white and red/white prints I had to have. I bought a yard each of 6 fabrics. They also had the new Turning Twenty book and template that I bought.

Merry Christmas!

Linda OH

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Yes I am quilting! Woo hoo!
Not working on Christmas gifts but I've got next months birthday blocks done and now I'm working on a round robin border. If DH spends as long golfing today as I expect him to, then I might get a few more Fun & Done blocks done too.

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Not quilting but cleaning the sewing room. Long overdue!! Found stray blocks, I forgot I had them. Working on reorganizing my scrap box. I have strips and small pieces all in one box and want to seperate them. Also found the fabric I won as a door prize to make a stack and whack quilt. I haven't had the courage yet to attempt making it.

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I spent last evening making up sample blocks for the January & February lottos. Will post January's later today, or maybe tomorrow. Today is pulling together paperwork for an IRS audit... YUK! Needless to say that was an unwelcome holiday greeting from Uncle Sam! We have all the documentation, it's just a matter of organizing it the way they want to see it.

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After not getting a chance all week, (volunteered 3 days last week), still no hope, trying to get all the cookies baked today. I'll go in for the volunteer job tomorrow and the rest of the week will be catch-up housework, last minute shopping, and just maybe a chance to quilt if I get a chance to stop and buy quilt batting and backing, but it's not looking good.

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I sewed yesterday. I did step 4 and started on step 5 of the Quiltville mystery.

Today we did 3 church services, then we've been doing cleaning & stuff to get ready for a housefull on Christmas.

Now I'm going to take a nap!


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Yes......I started my morning off with a mug of Joe up in the sewing room, although today was a delivery day for flowers, sabbath or not. I shouldn't have lollied around when I had so many things to do today, but we left the baseboard heaters in when we installed a boiler and radiators, and I kicked it on to get toasty. Something the rest of the house wasn't at four degrees outside. I had no quilting on the agenda for Christmas, although I may make a couple hot pads for dd to add to her other gifts.

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yes! Finished sewing the 3 December lotto blocks and will mail tomorrow with the rest of the gifts I have to send East. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I also hope to cut out my December table runner - again the last minute!

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Well I am finishing up on the Steelers football team apron, door hangers, etc.for my DIL and thanks to who ever it was that told me about where to get the special batting for pot holders, I have that just about finished. This will be the end of my holiday items, and now it is time to do something for me.

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The label is ready to sew on DH's quilt....maybe tomorrow. I've made a few little bags and have a couple more to make. The fabric reminds me of my mom, so thought my girls would like to have one. They're simple little things....I sort of just bit the bullet and did them after seeing the ones that were posted on another thread. I would like to make more throughout the year to have ready for next year or to use as gift bags.


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Yes..madly trying to finish mattresses, pillows, cases and quilts for two doll cradles. Hubby made the cradles for two of the grandchildren...I just have to finsih up the sewing end of things...still have to make a set of placemats for our secret Santa exchange...time is running out fast....Merry Christmas everyone...

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Nothing!!!!! We have had our family Christmas party,which over the years has gotten larger and more insane. My kids from Florida came Saturday and left Sunday morning, so the rest of the week I am just going to relax and recover from a cold. I'll prob change my mind and sew on something lol!!!!

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