Antique quilts too small to use?

monicatxDecember 29, 2011

Hi, Quilters;

I have a few old quilts that are single bed size (or about). Recently my daughter was helping me make my bed and she explained that the current style is to fold down the sheets and quilt to about 1/3 to 1/2 half the size of the bed. (She had put the top sheet on with print side down so when it was turned it was print side up) Then she used my pillows (4) to fill up the space. My bed looked great, and I loved it.

A light bulb went off in my head as I realized I could use those old quilts sideways on my bed and no one would realize they were too small. I love that old, 1940's look.

So, go to your closets and look at those old quilts that you covet. Try them on your beds and you will have a new look for no money!


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Thanks for the idea. Might try that.

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What a great idea, thanks for sharing. I have a lot of old quilts that are too small for my queen beds.


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That doesn't work for just vintage quilts, but for homes with a mixture of bed sizes. I sometimes throw smaller quilts over a bed made up with a plain spread. I don't mind ecru or white or any other plain material poking out under the quilt. It looks quaint and the quilt is displayed and on the bed already for warmth. I'll sometimes fold in in halves or thirds at the foot of an already made bed so it still displays, but can be pulled up on a cold night.

Quilts weren't always made to use as 'bedspreads' but more as blankets and one seldom finds blankets large enough to fold over the pillows and down over the entire expanse of sheets on the sides. Using muslin dust ruffles also helps to expand a smaller quilt for use on a full size bed. I have also made several sets of quilted pillow cases in pairs. Not shams, but pillow cases I put on beds where the quilt is not large enough to cover the pillows. Just don't batt them or even quilt them. They are easy to make and just wash with the linens.

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Great ideas! Sadly, I don't have many old quilts but I do have many patterns in my head and want to make them all. If I make them as 'bed runners' I can do several in the time it would take me to make one king size quilt. Better yet, I can quilt them on my regular machine. Woo HOO! Thanks!


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