2012 Quilt block Lottos: you opinion please.

micyreyDecember 19, 2011


I would like to set up the lottos so the most people will want to play.

please vote for monthly (one month to send blocks)


bi-monthly(2 months to send in blocks)

and post some blocks and colors you would like to see this year.

I would like to do a black and white this year, they always look so cool.

I will do as the most people want, this swap is for the players not the host so let me know what you want.


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Michelle, I thought I answered this earlier today but I don't see my post so I either messed up or it will pop up later!

My vote is to do the lotto monthly. It's too easy with two months to let it go 'til closer to the deadline; then people forget or lose interest. Like several other people I chose not to do the birthday block groups this year and I was hoping to participate more in the lottos.

I don't have a specific block to suggest, but I do think fairly simple blocks are best so that even beginners can participate. It's one of the ways I learned to make more blocks when I was starting. Black/white is always good! You could even do that combo twice a year - once with a 'quilters choice' of blocks and another time with all the same block (Ohio Star?).

Other good color choices:
> Blue with off white or tan
> Brights and black
> Scrappy
> 1930's fabrics
> All dots (all fabric with polka dots)
> Plaids and muslin
> Red & white
> Blues & greens

There are so many options! You give us direction and we'll do it. You can either choose a block and let people do any color, or choose colors and let people use any block, or choose a theme (star shapes) and a set of colors (white or off-white stars and dark background), etc.

(Hope that wasn't too many ideas!)

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I'd also like to see it go monthly, at least most of the year. I understand why Christmas is a bad time to be making blocks, although the December block exchange was so well participated in that we had 32 blocks, I remember because I won that one last year and split it with a second winner because I didn't need 32 blocks. We all had Christmas fabric on hand for other projects and were anxious to swap it around, I guess.

I really am not picky about patterns or fabrics, because I know we all have certain ones we like better. It's sort of fun to see what others come up with.

If you theme them, like for fall or winter scenes, best to do it a few months before the fact, so that the winner has the blocks on hand to actually use them for that season and not have to wait a year for a season appropriate quilt project.

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I like the Lottos every month & consistent.

I think Kay set up a very nice format, easy to use and good reference, especially helpful for busy people. I like the winners choosing the future blocks. I like the parameters/rules set up to encourage quality work, pressed seams, and accurate size blocks.

I like knowing the block selections by month and fabric choices ahead of time; this allows those of us who need to shop or order fabric an opportunity to be prepared.

I think it is very important for the dialog to be continual and posted in order to know when blocks are sent and received by the hostess on a timely (if not daily) basis.
Seeing the players and the blocks - including pictures, generate excitement and hopefully more players.

I also like the Lotto open to all those who participate on the Quilting Forum, which includes those living outside of the US.

I think all blocks should be free of embellishments, beads, buttons, etc so they can be quilted easily.

I had chosen not to participate in the Birthday blocks for 2012, hoping to have more time to play the Block Lotto

We have some new faces posting on the Quilting Forum, and the Lotto is fun to join without a huge commitment.

I hope the Lotto continues in the coming year with enthusiasm & gusto.

It is a thankless job for the volunteer hostess, one that takes dedication,organization, and extra time - thank you.

Just my thoughts & opinions. :~)

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I have never participated before, being new to the forum and to quilting, but I would love to. Could someone post the rules so that we newbies know exactly what is expected of us? From reading other posts, I assume that each player who submits a block gets one chance to win the all the blocks. How should the blocks be sent? I also assume that you can participate in only those months in which you are able. In other words, you commit to only one month at a time. This sounds like fun, but I would like to know the rules before I sign up so I don't disappoint or annoy anyone. Thanks so much.

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You don't even need to sign up! Michelle will post the info on the block along with some basic guidelines like the size of the block. You can submit 1, 2, or 3 blocks. Just send them to her so they arrive before the end of the month. You get one entry in the drawing for every block you've sent, up to the limit of three. Winner gets them all.

There's no commitment and no pressure. It can be fun to participate even if you don't want the blocks, just to try something new. You can send a block but remove yourself from the drawing if you don't want them.

Hope that helps!

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ok looks like it will be monthly,
I will keep Kay's " winners pick block and color" rule

Jan quiltpartner picks
feb micyrey picks
march polardream picks
april micyrey picks
may dec/jan winner picks

I will look up all the old rules and guide lines and post them.

thanks for your help

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ok yes I screwed up

feb quiltpartner picks
march micyrey picks
april polardream picks
may dec/jan winner picks

I should get more caffeen in my system before turning on the computer

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Here's how the monthly lotto works...
By the first of each month, the block lotto is posted on the forum.

You may enter from 1 to 3 blocks. For each block you send, your name will be entered once.

Please put your blocks, along with a slip of paper with your real name, address, and FORUM name, inside a plastic baggie. (A return address label inside or on the outside of baggie works well too.)

Please include one dollar to cover postage for sending on to the winner.

We ask that everyone only send their best efforts! We are not looking for perfection, but please take your time, have fun, and send only the quality that you would like to receive.

Please note the following guidelines:

Use 100% QUILTING cotton and please - no fur, smoke or fragrances.

Selvage edges should be trimmed off before cutting for blocks and all seams should be 1/4 inch.

Your finished block should be squared up to be no less than 1/4 inch smaller nor 1/4 inch larger than the stated (unfinished) size for the month.

Blocks need to reach the lotto coordinator no later than the last day of the month.

The winner will be drawn on the first day of the following month and posted on the forum.

The winner is to choose a block and/or colors for a future lotto that will be added to the list.

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First off a thank you micyrey for picking up the lotto ball and keeping it going. Being the moderator isn't as easy as it looks....been there and done that. Yes, Kay had a great format, especially since it enabled you to look ahead and make blocks early.

I think magothyrivergirl made a good suggestion in that it's important to keep the current block lotto post active and on the current page so it's not 'out of sight, out of mind'. Sometimes people decide to join in the fun later in the month when they see the kitty building up to a large number of blocks. It's really important to let the people who send blocks in know as soon as they arrive. They shouldn't ever have to ask. It's also important for those people to give Miceyrey a head's up when they send them, so she can be watching for them. Nothing would turn me off of playing any quicker than to send blocks in only to have them never get there, and have no time to replace them. I don't know how the other moderators have handled sending out winning blocks, but I always paid the extra postage to get a return receipt and insurance. Think about it how valuable a cache of quilt blocks really are. Much more valuable than the material involved. There is usually enough sent in with the blocks to cover it.

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I also spend the extra $1 for DC#s on everything now
too many things getting lost in the mail.
it seems to help.

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I just added the rules to My clippings. Nice and handy

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I am glad to see the lotto will go back to monthly, but I will not be able to participate until April since we will be traveling in Mexico until early-mid April! We have to get back to do those dreaded taxes ... I will think about the block I would like to do & send that to you, Michelle, as soon as I choose one. Kay had suggested we send a sample & she posted those too.


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