Bed Runners

agnesdDecember 8, 2010

Has anyone made any bed runners? I would like to make some.Pictures anyone?

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Seems like you could use any table runner pattern. Make it as long and wide as desired and as simple or exotic as you want. I sometimes fold a quilt and lay it there.


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I've heard of "bed toppers" - a large square quilt spread on top of your bed spread (usually a neutral color) that you could change with the seasons and your whim. I think there was a book about this.

Yes! Toppers - Small Quilts to Accent Any Decor


Here is a link that might be useful: Book on ebay about Toppers

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Right but toppers and runners are different things.

A shop near me has a popular class on the runners which look like a quilt folded over the bottom of the bed but are just one depth. Then you can make pillowcases to match the runner and have a coordinated look. Some hotels have this sort of thing on the beds to look like a folded down cover.

I guess it might be a nice homey look but it's an unsatisfying concept for me. Make a topper or fold up a small quilt that's really a quilt, I think. ::end of judgmental rant::

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Wow!! I thought it was a simple question. Sorry to evoke such strong feelings as to what is and is not a quilt. Thanks to the gentler people who gave me some tips. One does wonder where all the holiday spirit has gone!!

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I don't think the comment was meant as a criticism, just an opinion. We have so many different types of quilters here and many different styles. Being able to share opinions is part of the fun.


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You mean me? Sorry. I didn't mean that you and everyone else shouldn't make your our decisions and satisfy your own tastes. just have my own preference.

Didn't mean to harsh your holiday buzz. Really, I didn't. ;>

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I plan on making a bed topper. I found a free pattern by Morris Spring. Sorry I can't make a link work for the life of me but maybe you can find it by searching. It is quite modern design 40"x60". I think it can also be used on the back of a sofa and maybe even on a large table. Mine will be done in taupes, greys, browns and blacks. I have a book on toppers and it is similar ones used on sofas. Can't put my hand on it either at the momment, gee I should do some organizing.

The designers suggest this type of topper can be used when you only need a bit of extra warmth on your feet. I never thought of the coordinating pillow cases but those would be great.

Go ahead and make one and I am sure you will be delighted with the results. You could expand any table runner you like to get to a wider width. All the best! Hope you come back and show us your project when you get it made.

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I go to some BOMs at our LQS and usually have quite a few. I really didn't want to make full size quilts from them all but would like to use them. Other than table runners and placemats I thought a bed runner and pillow cases or pillows would be a nice touch at the bottom of a solid color quilt. Will let you see one when I finish.

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To post a link, the easiest way is to type in your text, then preview the message. Once you hit 'preview' you'll see the "Optional Link URL:" box below the Message box. Paste the link in there. The "Name of the Link" is anything you want it to be. Morris Spring Topper, for example.

There are other ways to embed links, but that's the quickest and easiest.

Hope that helps,

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I bought a book last summer on Bed Runners. It was a prize for our guild library raffle so I don`t have the complete title or author. I think they are a great idea for when you only need a little extra warmth on your feet and the 3 layers of a folded back quilt is just too much.


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I like bed runners, don't have one yet but I like the look. It is on my "to do" list. My thoughts are that if a quilt pattern just looks to hard or complicated to tackle in a large quilt or even a large throw, a bed runner that is 24-36 inches wide and as long as your bed is wide would be an easier project and a "learning curve item". Not so much invested dollar wise and time wise. Also thinking that if you have a quilt started that you just don't like after you get going with it, it could be converted to a bed runner...for yourself or a gift.
As you said they would look great on a solid color quilt or make a solid color bed runner to go on a more scrappy type quilt to change the look a bit. I also think they would be a good use for some UFO's.
agnesd, do let us know how yours turns out.

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I've never considered a bed runner but these comments have me thinking about it. It seems like it would be a great way to do a solid runner to compliment a bed quilt and practice my free motion quilting. It's so much easier for me to do intricate designs on a smaller piece of quilt because it's easier to handle.

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I have seen them on beds and I was the same way, they look good but what is the use!!
I would just kick them off the bed lol. Then my sis said she would like one for her bed. BIL has a bad ankle, has had surgery, and the extra weight of a folded quilt (which I think is nothing!!) hurts his ankle, but he enjoys the extra warmth.
I was thinking the same thing, it will be a good way for me to practice FMQ.
The one I saw that I liked was square and placed on the bed with a corner pointing towards the pillow. Really made the bed look nice!!!!!

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Such great ideas!! I never thought of a solid with free motion practice. The idea of a square one with the corner pointed to the pillows is another great idea. Now I'll have to make several.

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