Nov. lotto blocks

buteau3rdDecember 4, 2010

Yesterday was pretty exciting! I received my prize of beautiful blocks. The colors, pattern, and workmanship are awesome! How sweet, that a fellow quilter just happened to be here when they arrived and got to see, and admire them. The excitement is multiplied when it is shared.Thank you all!!!

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Next year I want to sit next to you, Marge! You seem to be the lucky one and maybe it will rub off.

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My name won't go in for this drawing, although I can't even imagine winning a third one in a row....but I did send the blocks in. Hope your name is next.........or soon, anyway!

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Congratulations on winning the Nov. lotto blocks, Marge! If I understand your last post correctly, you won in October too? Wow!

Linda, I agree that sitting next to Marge is a great idea. I was sitting next to her at the L-R-C game at the Camp Cheerio, no blocks left for a long time, then suddenly I was the winner of all 110 HSTs!

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Enjoy your blocks. Don't forget pictures, please.


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Ginny, I remember your face when you won the surprised!..ME? WOW! Imagine when I won for the second time!! Rip wondered what happened when I let out a YOWEE!........I'm still thinking about how to put them together, like a kid in a candy store.
Hope you know that you are in my thoughts so often.

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