Tile shower versus acrylic shower enclosure

w_anneSeptember 2, 2008

We are in the process of remodeling our first floor hall guest bathroom due to a water leak at toilet The bathroom had blue fixtures and tile which we would like to replace with biscuit. The toilet and vanity are no problem to replace, the floor already removed due to water damage, but now we are trying to decide what to do about the acrylic shower enclosure ( one piece unit with floor, sides, roof). This shower was installed by previous owner and we have used it only about three times in the 12 years we have lived in house. The problem is that it is the bathroom that any guests to our home will use while visiting ( but not usually the shower of course), so I want it to look nice. It is next to our kitchen which we just renovated with stainless appliances and granite counter tops. I am considering having it painted biscuit color by Miracle Method ( ~ $700) -- the other option would be replacing it with tile at the same time the floor is tiled. Maintenance isn't really an issue since shower not used. On a side note another issue is that our hardwood floor installer just installed hardwood flooring in this bathroom -- we had told them no hardwood in this room -- we had planed to replace blue tile with new neutral tile. I need to talk with them today about this -- should I leave hardwood in a bathroom with a shower we never use ( it looks nice) or should we have them rip up floor so we can put down tile? Does anyone have opinions on a nice look for shower in a "powder room" and cost estimates? Thanks

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Um, what is wrong with the shower? Is it blue? Do you want a shower there at all? It sounds like it was meant to be a steam shower as you say it is completely enclosed. Could you just leave it alone, or put a pretty frosted glass door on it?

I would not go to the expense of tile for a shower you seem to wish would disappear. Maybe you just want to remove it and enlarge the powder room with a skirted vanity in addition to toilet and sink.

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now would be the time to make the change, and it sound like you have updated other areas of your home and since you are already going to have a tile layer in that room, why not upgrade the shower? You will recoup all of the money you spend on this room when you sell the house, but if you leave the ugly acrylic shower stall it probably will be a negative factor later on.

Go for it! and keep the wood floors in the bathroom. It will add just a little more style.

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Go for the tile. If you're already budgetting to spend $700 to change the color of the acrylic shower, use it towards beautifying the space instead.

Since you're going mostly for looks and the shower won't be used much, leave the wood in as long as it doesn't tie you into a footprint that you want to change.

As for cost, it depends on the materials you choose. Tile can be You might venture over to the bathrooms forum and get some more help. See you there. :-)

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I see you have three choices. Have it recoated, totally remove it and enlarge the bathroom, or remove it and replace with a tiled shower.

Tile cannot be placed over the fiberglass, so if you're on a budget total removal and/or replacing with a tiled shower is going to be the more costly routes.
The least expensive route, in a room where the shower is never used, is to leave the shower and recoat it. DIL has had the recoating process done in her last two homes and it turned out great.

Definitely keep the wood floors!

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Perhaps I am missing something.

We have the same type of guest bathroom, i.e. it is a 4 piece instead of a 2 piece power room.

We don't like the tile around the shower enclosure either.

In our situation, we are spending money and focus right now on a whole bunch of other energy conservation and renovation projects(per the link below).

What did we do? We simply purchased a very nice shower curtain. If guest are sufficiently nosy to pull back what is obviously a shower curtain, they can do so at their own peril. :-)

Re hardwood in the 'powder room', if I imagine w_anne as you described it, having the hardwood in the power room could look VERY nice depending on the color scheme. We have dard Jatoba Expresso in our kitchen / dining / family room which could look like in the powder room. If it is a lighter shade of brown then the hardwood might not look as nice.

The other issue of course is how confident are you that the toilet leak has been fixed? (I had to bring it up).

Lastly, how powerful is the fan in the bathroom? And is there a timer on the fan? You could (conjecture on my part) down the road have moisture caused issues with the hardwood it all of a sudden your lifestyle changes and the shower is used much more frequently.

I hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Renovation and Energy Conservation Projects

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