Selatex material under siding

scott2006September 29, 2007


I have a question for you.

I'm going to remove the old aluminum siding and have vinyl put on. AND insulation blown in the side walls after the siding is removed. ( thanks for the previous info)

The question is.... should I remove the old original selatex.. ( the thin black ... not so strong stuff) and replace it with OSB board for better insulation?

Or would that be a waste of time and money.?

Thank You


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When they built your house, Celotex was used as an economy measure while the plywood was used at the corners for structural strength. If you're going to insulate the walls, the Celotex is sufficient. OSB isn't going to increase your energy savings by much. If you keep the Celotex, be sure the siding is nailed to the studs and not the Celotex.

You may have to supervise that part of the job(the nailing) Unfortunately, most siding installations are incorrectly fastened.


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Thanks for the info Michael.


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Another question... on insulating the walls....when the old siding is removed I will have the Celatex board type material and exsisting R 7 insulation already in the wall. The R 7 is installed with the insulation pushed out towards the outside wall so that there is a ( about 2 or 3 inch or so air gap between the inside wall and the kraft face of the old insulation.

The installer wants to put Tyvack wing material over the house. Is this good enough or should I be doing something better?


Is it ok to put the new blowen in celulose in that space between the inside wall and the kraft paper from the R7?


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Of course if the wall insulation is in your budget, do it. I will increase the wall value and save you money.

Tyvek is good too. It's a draft barrier and allows venting. Make sure it's taped properly.


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