Falling Charms

bev2009December 3, 2013

Marsha, I couldn't find an email for you and wondered if you would send me the measurements you created for the falling charms quilts. I want to make a lap quilt and hope to do it this weekend.

Thanks, Bev

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Was I supposed to send you an email??? Yikes-I didn't know-sorry! :(
It is an incredibly fast ~& that makes it fun~ quilt to make.
It is from Jenny Doan at Missouri Quilts - I watched her tutorial.

Here are my notes --
Using 5" squares & 2.5" strips -charm packs & jelly rolls - or cut your own.
Makes a 6.5" block (Mine measured 6 7/8" on both quilts I made)
70 blocks =7 across x 10 down
46 x 64 = borders
Need 24 2.5" strips

2 charm packs makes a generous throw (80 blocks)

1. Chain Piece Charm on strip for the short side - press well -- I got 7 sometimes 8 out of a strip
Note - trim off strip - squaring- before pressing - faster -

2. Chain piece Charms from step 1 onto strip - got 6 per strip

3. Layout:
Think "7" & "L" to layout --strip fabric looks like "7" or "L"
Start in upper left corner --- 7 block, L block, 7 block, L block
Next row L block, 7 block, L block, 7 block

I made 7 across - 9 down with a 1.5" + 3.5" borders -- 54 x 66.5 for a Nap / recliner quilt for DH. He likes borders & he thinks 49 x 56 after shrinkage is perfect.

If you are using one of the fabrics from the charms for the border -- do not let it land on an end or corner. I did - it bugs me -- so I had to add the inner border to separate it.

The other one I made from 2 different Charm packs I had bought along time ago and I don't seem to ever use charms.

It is so fast to make. It would be really cute 'girlie' or for a baby.

Here is a link that might be useful: Missouri Quilts tutorial

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Bev-I read your goals for Dec -- YES the Falling Charms is very doable by Christmas. I was able to find the tutorial, put together the fabric from my meager stash, cut out all the 5" squares and strips from scraps, and get it finished to the top stage -- in 1.5 days. My only interruption was feed and walking the dog.
I should also mention - in both quilts, I had one way design fabrics--pay attention to how you place them. A few I had to resew after they were on the design wall so 'heads' wouldn't be upside down :~)

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Wonderful advice, Marsha. Thanks, I'll give it a try and post a pic, of course, if I succeed.

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Marsha, when you did your falling charm quilts, did you use all one color throughout for all the charm borders, like the one on missouri star tute?

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Yes, I used the same fabric for all the background strips. I did not use a solid, but a textured shaded lightish gold on one and a Moda primitive muslin on the other. It was an ecru with mottled tan. I think it would be way to busy if you used different color strips. Both my quilts were theme quilts, so the charms were the focus.
I think this quilt would look spectacular in a black or navy or any deep dark color as the strips and batiks for the charms.
Lots of possibilities for kids quilts.
I'll post my pics soon. I'm always on the wrong computer to post the pics.

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The lap quilt is finished, washed, wrapped and under the tree. Marsha, I used your directions and it came out the perfect size. I wasn't sure about the burgundy quilting, but it is growing on me. These are some of the same fabrics I used for her Kimono wallhanging, which she loved. Everything was from my stash. Sorry for the three posts, but I am too lazy to put in in photobucket tonight.

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Close up.

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Oh, that is beautiful. I really like the burgundy quilting, it adds a nice touch.


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Oh so pretty. Love the colors and quilting. I got hooked, but only made a table runner, will post once I quilt it.

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duplicate post


This post was edited by grammyp on Mon, Dec 23, 13 at 9:01

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I see the hearts quilted in the border! Fabulous! Your choice of fabrics are perfect for this quilt. I like the burgundy quilting. I also used a contrasting - ish thread -- and wasn't sure until after I washed it and see it being used, it was the right choice - a darker or contrasting thread helps break up the monotony of the background.
I am sure she will love it!
Did you like making it? Will you make another?
It does feel good using fabric only from your stash -- now I know how good that feels! (Sharon must always be giddy!)
I am so happy you took the plunge and got this completed this month. Think about how fast this quilt would be to make if you used charms and didn't have to cut the squares.
Thanks for posting the pictures -- and Photobucket has become a real pain to use.

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LindaB -- I want to see your table runner!

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Somewhere I read a post about this pattern and the "poster" said that next time she would do the sashing (plain) strips a bit narrower. It would reduce the "empty" space but would affect the overall size. Maybe try it on a runner or something small.
This pattern is in my 2014 folder of must-do's.

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Your fabric choices are great, Bev! And I like your loop-de-loops and quilted hearts......nice job! I don't know that I would make the strips any narrower, but it's a thought. I still need to sew my blocks together.....been busy with pillow cases.

Marsha! Shhhhh, now everyone will know my secret for giddiness. LOL DH ripped the knee out of his flame sleep pants the other day and was getting ready to toss them when I grabbed them, cut them off at the rip, made him some shorts and used the leg fabric for a cuff on a Batman pillowcase. LOL Oh yeah, use it up! Dig deep!


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Well done..., nice quilting as well!
I think Marsha has us all hooked on trying at least one Falling Charms this year. It's on my to do list.
Sharon...so you stole, oops saved, your dh pants ...now that's impressive !!!

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At first I thought the burgundy thread was too much contrast, but like Marsha, once I washed it and got used to it I was glad it broke up the pink. I really enjoyed making it. It worked up so fast. I always feel like I am in a rush. If I ever make things up a little ahead, I would leave them on the new design wall (flannel backed vinyl) I bought but haven't hung yet for a few days. There are a couple spots I would have changed out a lighter block for the darker one, but I am very happy with it. I'm having a hard time not showing the pic to her sister, who will appreciate it. I asked DD if she wanted to open a present early, but she was shocked and said I had to wait to give it until Christmas. I guess the tables have turned and she is the grown up and I am the child now. LOL

Sharon, at least you weren't so frugal you cut the pants off while he was still wearing them!

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Thanks for posting about this, I went to the site and it looks like a project I would like to do. Also there are a couple of Jacob's Ladder videos there that look like winners. I did the Jelly Roll Race quilt and it really did work out fast and came out pretty well considering I wasn't too fond of the fabric. Haven't been posting lately because of illness in the family. Grandson (11) was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 2 months ill before that. He was finally diagnosed with Crohn's which pretty much devastated all of us. But he's back home and looking and feeling much better. It's been difficult and unfortunately will have to be something that we will have to very closely monitor from now on. In the meantime, while he was in the hospital I got bronchitis and didn't dare go for fear of infecting him while he was on the equipment. I'm pretty much wiped out physically and emotionally. Will be glad to kick this year out the door and get back to a normal life, and back to the sewing room.

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Sounds like a rough time. Sure hope the new year brings you health and happiness to erase all the frustrations.

Merry Christmas

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