Are you quilting this weekend? Dec. 14-16

lindaoh_gwDecember 14, 2012

I still working on the Zelda quilt. I have all the blocks complete except for one and it is an easy block. Today I am going to a Floriani seminar with 3 of my friends. Will let you know more about it when I get home.
Saturday will be a Zelda quilt day as I hope to complete the top. A friend will help me load it on the frame and she also volunteered to help me put up the tree! I think I will accept her offer.
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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I hope, I hope, I hope to finish the machine sewing on the commission quilt so that I can take down the sewing machine and get the tree up too! I'm working on quilting the outer border and it is a surprisingly large area!

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Good morning Linda/OH, If there's any sewing around here this week-end, it will be for more neck warmers. I completed two quilt tops this last week. One needs a border and I'm contemplating whether to put a border on the other one. Since I won't be doing any sewing this coming week, I put them both away for now.

Have a good week-end everyone!


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I can't wait to see the finished Zelda quilt, Linda. No sewing for me this weekend. I've got a large group coming for a party Sunday night.

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I may get a little bit of sewing in. Tonight and tomorrow night the handbell choir I'm in is performing at Disney hotels, and Sunday night we are having dinner with DH's boss.

Our plan it to put our tree up Monday night...we'll see! LOL


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Lots of sewing, but probably not quilting, except a little on the outside of the snap bags. Lots of Christmas gifts to get done this weekend!! How did this holiday sneak up so fast!!


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Perhaps. I dug out the black quilt I had nearly done, but two of the borders, and just finished it off and got it in the mail yesterday. This one was a year and a half in the making because I'd just get sick of working on it and have to keep leaving and coming back. I made one block for my current quilt this a.m. and only have three more to go out of 64. I had to take a break from it as well, and altered two blouses I've had for twelve years and never could wear because the cuffs were too tight. Not anymore more. LOL.

I'm keeping Christmas simple this year and enjoying NOT having to scurry and multitask. It's been a pleasant change.

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Calliope - your quilt is beautiful!

I SHOULD be packing since we are leaving for Arizona on Monday .... I still need to do 2 loads of laundry so it will wait until tomorrow!

I am listening to the hockey game on the computer (Colorado Eagles vs Stockton Thunder) We are losing 3-0 right now. COME ON COLORADO! I decided to FINALLY test out my new featherweight after getting it back from being serviced. Learned how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine and have sewn a couple blocks for a charity quilt. It is definitely different than my Pfaff, but I am liking it so far.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Since 6 am this morning, I have trimmed my mother's quilt and cut the binding for it. I started some crock pot dressing to go with a pork tenderloin that I am making for dinner. I am now going to start binding that quilt. Then I will continue to work on my nephew's wedding quilt. I don't think I am going to get it completed by his January 1st wedding since I will send it out to be quilted. I also have a half dozen golf towels to machine embroider for my husband's buddies. Busy busy weekend since we will celebrate family Christmas on Tuesday of this week. It is the only time that everyone can get in from out of town.


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I just finished hand-quilting the postage stamp quilt this morning. So I might get to cutting some binding before the weekend is done. I really want to get it done before Christmas since I'm hoping to gift it to DIL's mom. She gave me a bunch of cotton fabric recently so I decided this should be for her since I had no plans for it. Maybe I'll find just the right striped fabric in what she gave me for the binding, I really like the look of striped or plaid bindings on a many-colored quilt.

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The quilting is done and the binding is on the commission quilt. The sewing table is down and the tree is up so DH is a happy man. I will have to set up on the kitchen table for a few hours to finish the sewing on the pillow shams and then no more machine sewing till the tree comes down. Time to rest and enjoy the season.

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Calliope, Stellar! Pun intended. Your quilting is amazing!

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That is one gorgeous quilt! Congrats on getting hit finished.

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Calliope - LOVE that quilt!

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Thank you for your kind words. I'd posted a partial picture of it earlier this year, and someone (I forget whom) told me to please post a finished picture of it, so I did. I am a clumsy hand quilter. Arthritis has caught up with my hands, and I wanted to do this one before I quit hand quilter entirely. I tried bamboo batting for the first time, and I absolutely love how easily it needles and how it drapes. The star theme is a little over the top, but intentional. My DD is an amateur astronomer, so serious that they built an observatory in the house they just moved from, and plan to build another in their new home. She is working on her third astronomical sketching book and writes columns for several astronomy magazines. Her husband is a star/solar/lunal gazer as well, so I wanted this one to speak to their passion. It was a grand experiment for me, lol, and I'm quite happy to send this one out the door!

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Calliope, I think that was the one I commented on when you had it in the hoop. I love seeing beautiful hand quilting since I still switch off and do it myself, too. I'm sorry that you aren't going to be able to continue, but this can easily be your crowning glory and definitely not "clumsy".

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I agree it is stunning! As a fellow hand quilter I know about arthritis, my right thumb joint aches when I hand quilt.

I love to hand quilt, but most of mine are MQ'd now. I have found a new passion in redwork embroidery and it will make my hand sore too so I have to ice my hand at night. Not a lot of fun when it's cold lol!!!

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Calliope, Your quilt it sensational! Not over the top with stars at all.....especially for one who loves them! Your hand quilting is exquisite and if it's the last one you're hand quilting, you sure are going out in style!


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