suggestions for newbie quilt items

fincheloverDecember 11, 2012

My dd is going to take some beginner classes , for xmas I want to get her these items...your opions please
a ruler..I have a 2x18 and love it
rotary cutter [small,medium,or large]
cutting mat...what size for beginner
Thanks to all

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If I could only have one ruler it would be the 6 X 24. I use my 45MM rotary cutter the most. As for the cutting mat, the bigger the better. I would make sure it is large enough to be able to cut the width of the folded fabric.
So I guess my answer is:
Ruler - 6 X 24
Rotary cutter - 45 MM
cutting mat - 18 X 24

Linda OH

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The rulers I use the most are 6 1/2 X 13 and 3 1/2 X 9...I also use them for squaring up. I have a 3 X 18 and don't use it often, but when I do, I'm glad I have it.

I think I'd go with the medium rotary. I do have the others, but don't use them as often as the medium.

For the mat, not knowing if she will continue quilting, I wouldn't get the largest but a size that she has room to leave out. Maybe 24 X 36....or smaller???

In any case, buy something that you would use in case she doesn't continue with quilting. lol


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Definitely medium rotary cutter! I first bought a small one, then got the medium. Now the small cutter gathers dust in a drawer.

What about a quilter's tool box to store pins, cutters, marking pencils, etc.


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My most used rulers are 6 x 24 and 6 1/2 square. My only used cutter is 45mm (have the others but never use them) and I have a 24 x 36 mat and love it. I would not go smaller than 18 x 24 for the mat so she can square up 12 1/2 inch blocks.

More ideas would be a good seam ripper, thread snips, thin piecing pins, and marking pencils.

Love Teresa's tool box idea, too.


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I agree with Bev. I'd add a cute pincushion to that list.

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Being an old newbie...I agree w/ the medium rotary cutter, I'd also add quilters pins as well, they came in very handly early all of the other fun stuff mentioned. Agree w/ Linda on the Cute pincushion...always need something cute to play with!

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In addition to these great suggestions, I think you should include some basic white & cream cotton thread and sewing machine needles & Prewound bobbins! Also a cheap small iron to take to classes.
What fun!

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Totally agree with Linda OH on all three items. The 6 x 24 ruler is so versatile. You can cut across the full 22" width of the folded fabric without having to move the ruler or fold the fabric in half again. (I am talking about selvedge to selvedge folds). The 45mm rotary cutter is the most basic and easiest to use, like teresa nc says, the little one is just gathering dust. Again the cutting mat should be as big as she has space for.
The tool box and other basics like pins, seam ripper, pincushion are also needed by a "newbie quilter".
Remember part of the fun of being a quilter is shopping for all the things you need, so I would get her the basic three and a few of the essentials and let her have fun discovering and buying all the other "stuff" we have to have! Of course I am sure you are willing to share your stuff with her so she can try out and find out what works for her and what doesn't. So exciting to hear about a new quilter.

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Being a new quilter, I watch a lot of tutorials on my iPad. If you have an iPad, a nice stand for it to clamp to your sewing table is found at

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I agree with the mat and cutter sizing but not being a fan of the long ruler I would rather have my 8x14 and a 6x6. I use them almost all the time. Even have doubles for different areas.
Pins are basic as well. AND don't forget the good old seam ripper as an essential , can't sew without it.
I also consider my 4" scissors a necessity, I have them on a retractable pin and never start sewing without them. MHO

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Quilting books are nice to have whether you're a newbie or a not so newbie.
Cute pin cushions look nice in your sewing area, but I love my magnetic one--just have to remember to keep it away from my iPad and not too close to the right side of my machine.
A pack of 80/12 needles come in handy too.
Enjoy this great hobby!

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Depending on the type of quilting class she is taking could make a difference on the tools. I have a 36x24" mat and love it!! If she has room, a craft table is handy. Mine stays up all the time so I don't have to pack everything away every time I stop for the day. I use my 3x18", 6x24" and couldn't live without my 18x18" ruler when I cut larger fabrics. If she's going to paper piece, an add 1/4" ruler is priceless. And a nice pair of scissors is always handy, too. I'm going to order some of those marking pens that someone suggested on here the other day. So many toys to choose from!!


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Hmmm...that post about the iPad holder looks like an ad to me.

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I agree - that's an ad.

Still, this post is full of great information for beginners!

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