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littlehelen_gwDecember 7, 2012

Hi All,
If you read Kate's posts under November 2012 lotto, you know running the lotto, home stuff and working FT w/ travel is a lot to handle. She's having second thoughts about taking this on for 2013. I get that as I work FT and I'm amazed at all that she handled. Kate has done an amazing job running this year lotto and we all applaud her!! She's not let us down!

I extended an offer to assist and now I extend that to another quilt lotto forum member who would like to partner.

Here's my thoughts: I'm willing to have all of the blocks mailed to me, keep a record of who submitted and how many they submitted, and do the block mailings to the winner each month. My quilt lotto partner (QLP) would do the front end, selecting the blocks for the month, do the posting and announcing the winner in the same fashion that it's done now.

So if there's another who'd like to be my QLP (like the acronym?:-), I'm willing to pitch in.

2012 was my first year with the lotto and I so enjoyed it, I'm happy to help w/ 2013. I realize doing it all solo is a lot for one.

We're all busy folks, but we all seem to enjoy the to hear others thoughts about this scenario.....


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I'll help you, Val. Just tell me what to do.


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Welcome QLP!!! Thanks Linda - I posted the lotto split above, but we'll need to discuss/ email w/ Kate to insure everything is covered and then you and I can coordinate from there.

Day off to get stuff ready for the holidays...I'll touch base again over the weekend.


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Wow, that was quick! Thanks, Valarie and Linda, for stepping up to take this on. I really enjoyed participating in the lotto this past year and I hope that one of these days I'll win all of the beautiful blocks!


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Thanks, Valarie and Linda, for volunteering. You have awfully big shoes to fill. Kate did a wonderful job. I'm sure 2013 will be a great lotto year too. Lois

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Kudo's to Kate and how wonderful that the two of you are able to pick it up!

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Thanks to Val & Linda for willing to carry the rotary cutter forward. The Lotto is fun and I hope to play during 2013. I am anxious to see what challenges you have for us!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kate! She brought excitement to our 2012 Lotto thru her enthusiasm and planning.

I am looking forward to another great Lotto year!


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