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ritaweedaDecember 29, 2012

I went to Joann's with a gift certificate. I was standing in the cutting line and a woman came up with a slab of 4-inch thick green cushion foam, it was 80 inches long and 24 inches wide. I just about fell out when the price with a 40 percent off coupon came to over 160 dollars!!!! I asked her what she was doing with it, she said she is renting and the couch is worn out and needed a new pad on it. Well after hearing the price on it, and plus the fact that she also had to buy fabric to cover it, she changed her mind.

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For the price of the foam and material alone, she could go to a furniture store and get a new couch on sale!!

Such a wasteful society we have that makes this the truth. Even better for her if she were to just make do with what she has.

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There is no earthly reason a piece of foam that size should retail at $160, let alone $213. My mother used to use cuts of foam a lot for re-doing furniture and making dog beds (LOL) and found the best place to buy that sort of stuff was the Army/Navy store, a market for surplus government issue items.

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Rita, the same thing happened while I was at joanns the other day waiting to get my material cut. I couldn't believe it! I was glad to see her leave the foam and not try to make do when she needed a piece that was 28-inches wide. The clerk doing the cutting tried to convince her to use smaller pieces to make up the difference, but the woman said no and left. It was too bad she'd been in line already for about twenty minutes waiting for her turn, eh? Service at joanns has really taken a turn for the worse with the long lines at the cutting table and the registers, but they are the best place to go for fabric in my area. I've got a smaller fabric store less than a mile away from me, but their prices are sky-high and they never have what I want/need.

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Joann's needs to rethink their lack of customer support. The one in my area is very small, only 3 people on duty for the whole store the day I was there. That same day there was also a man who needed someone to help him with buying a new sewing machine. There were a lot of people in line for the fabric cutting, so there were 2 clerks there, (one was dealing with the foam issue) and of course the only other one was at the check-out. Well the man just asked the clerk if he could get help and of course the clerk said that he needed to take a number and he would be waited on eventually. He didn't seem to get it, just kept standing there, not taking a number. When I finally got my stuff cut and walked away, a woman plopped about seven bolts of fabric up on the cutting table, still he was just standing there. I felt like telling him he could be standing there until doomsday, but decided I'd let him learn the hard way about the woman's world of fabric stores. Don't know if he wound up ever getting assistance, but if he walked out, they probably lost a big sale on a new sewing machine. But then, when I go to a Lowes I get the same treatment, let a woman try to catch the eye of a clerk there and they turn around and run the opposite way. I guess I need to follow a man around in there for awhile and see how they do it.

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I agree Joann's service is really bad and I have a super store near me. Never had a problem at Lowe's though.

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