Here are some gifts I've been working on...

lafonda_ranchDecember 15, 2010

Here are two (one front, one back) of the tic-tac-toe quilts using chalk fabric. I did 4 more in different fabric, just no pictures.

Here are the water bottle holders. I have another set of fabric I wanted to use, ran out of time. I had to deliver these today since I won't see the recipients any more this week.

And just because I'm delivering them and had them handy when I was taking pictures, here are 2 pillows I cross stitched for friends that have birthday's this week. I actually made these pillows about 2 years ago, but just now getting them to the birthday girls (talk about procrastination!).

Thanks for looking!!


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OOoo... I love those water bottle holders.

What is this chalk fabric you speak of?

~ Kit

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Boy, you've been busy. Wonderful idea.

Kit, you can buy yardage that is like a flexible blackboard. You can write on it with chalk. I make travel mats for little kids with it. Mine is green. This is a great use for my leftovers.

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Robbi, The pillows are beautiful! The tic-tac-toe quilt is a neat idea....I've never heard of the blackboard fabric. And of course, the water bottle holders are cute and useful! Great job!!!


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Thank you everyone!!

I have many small kids in my family, so I loved the tic-tac-toe quilt when I saw it. I hadn't heard of chalk fabric either. It feels a lot like a vinyl table cloth. It is pretty easy to work with as long as you keep the iron away from it and watch where you put your pins (it leaves permanent holes). I ordered it online from

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What great gifts~ so original and clever! Did you use any insulation in the waterbottle holders? They are so cute.

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Sue, Yes, I used the Insul-bright 'batting'. I'm curious at how well that works because I'd like to make some casserole dish carriers.


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Great gifts!!! I cross stitch so I know how much time went into the pillows and they are beautiful.
I bought Insul-bright for hot pads 2 years ago and haven't used it yet, but I have been told it works great.
Keep us posted!!!!

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Very nice gifts! You should feel so smug about now! LOL!


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Your gifts look great. I especially like the water bottle holders - that would have been so nice to have when walking around Disney World. Great gift idea - thanks for sharing. :-)

Best to you,

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I was anxious to see the Tic Tack Toe quilts, thanks for posting a pic- you did a great job on everything.

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Robbi, those are wonderful and very thoughtful gifts. I love the pillows and the tic-tac-toe quilts are cute and a clever idea. TFS.

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Robbi, love your pics - & your cross-stitch work is exquisite! Your friends are very fortunate:)
I have worked w/chalkboard fabric in the past, but never thought of tic-tac-toe; what a great idea! One of the little ones I keep is autistic & obsessed w/letters. I like the size of the tic-tac-toe; it would be a great tool for him to develop his small motor skills. Writing the letters, wipe off, repeat - right up his alley! What I did w/it was kind of like placemats that had a pocket on one side (for chalk). It was a great take-along activity. Rolled up nicely for storage in the van.
It's amazing to me what wonderful ideas you all come up with! There is no end to the creativity on this board!

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Just beautiful and what great ideas! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Thanks everyone! My kids like the tic-tac-toe quilts so much, they're asking for one for themselves, so I guess I need to make a few more. Quiltpartner, I didn't think about a pocket for the chalk until I was almost done. Oh well.

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Great gifts and thanks for sharing! Just love the tic tac toe quilt. Had not heard of chalkboard fabric, gonna put on my to do the placemat/activity mat idea.
As for insul-brite, I used it to make a water bottle holder for my own re-fillable bottle. I put elastic in the top of my holder, (made up my own pattern) so it was more closed up. I fill with ice and water and the holder keeps it cold for several hours, even in a hot car in the summer time. I also made casserole carriers as gifts this year and used the insul-brite. Does a pretty amazing job of keeping things hot to carry off somewhere.
Merry Christmas to all of you.....thanks for making this a great forum.

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Robbi - you've been busy! And they are all wonderful! I like the tic-tac-toe!

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