UH-OH! Now I'm Fabric Storage Challenged

ritaweedaDecember 3, 2012

I was touting the blessings of a gift of many cuts of fabric, now I'm having a hard time finding room in my closet for them. I now have a couple of bins so full I can't close the lids. Actually, I need to re-think my storage method, every time I go to search out fabric, the color bin I'm interested in is bound to me on the bottom. My back isn't what it used to be. Who among you have found the easiest to install shelves for closet fabric storage? Please don't suggest outside of the closet, every wall space I have has a cabinet or something against it for storage of art supplies, etc.

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Rita, my DH installed wire shelving in my closet, but I suppose the easiest thing to do would be plastic shelving units that snap together (I think Rubbermaid makes some). They could be assembled then put inside the closet.


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Rita, I have a dresser in a long closet with shelving over head. In the dresser are things I haven't been able to let go of yet (should go through everything a get rid of it so I have more room for fabric). The over head shelves is where I have see through bins of fabric. Since I've kept the doors on the closet (which used to hold a washer and dryer) I'm not too concerned about how it looks, but I still have easy access to the fabric that's stored there. Clay just used those brackets and metal strips to make the shelves.


Here is a link that might be useful: brackets and metal strips for shelving

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Rita, I used the plastic shelving units in a closet and found they kinda waste some space, but they are easy to put in and will come out with no problem if you ever want to use the closet for clothes again. Just measure the available space and look for units that match.
I installed the closetmaid wire shelving in a walk-in closet. I put them from way up top to almost to the floor on two sides. I did this myself and it is much more "user space friendly"....I mean you can see the stuff and access it easier than with the shelving units. You also don't lose the corner space which can be significant.
Just an idea.....and an easy DIY project.

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