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ritaweedaDecember 7, 2012

I have read the post from Tamara at the Kitchens forum, I found it while looking at posts in the Cooking forum. It's concerning social media bars being tested on that forum. It looks like the wheels of social media are in motion, they are asking us to test it out. I stated my feelings on this there and have previously on this forum. It looks like there are a lot of folks who feel the same way about it but to no avail. I have stopped posting photos because of this but have posted otherwise, this may come to a halt, too. Unless they very quickly offer an opt-out method. I may just lurk for awhile to see what their next step on this will be, if they can't offer an opt-out function I may have to bail out completely on this site. I hate to do it, but I am a woman of principal. So to all my friends here at the quilting forum, this might be my last posting. I wish you all well.

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Rita, I'm not crazy about the photo sharing part myself but curious to know why you would decide not to post text at all. Can you share your concerns?


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They have taken down the bar, don't know if it's because they are having technical difficulties or because there are so many negative responses. I hope it's the latter. But if you carefully read all of the responses in the Kitchens forum, the Cooking forum, and my previous posts on this subject, with the exception of just a handful, you will understand that my sentiments are with all of them. If I wanted to share my posts with FB, I would register there and do it. I choose to share with GW, I don't want it to gravitate to FB or Pinterest. Since GW owns all the posts it can make the decision to do what it wants with them, if they decide to let this happen against the wishes of so many of it's members, I will no longer be a participant. And it's not because I'm ashamed of anything I post here, I just feel that I should be able to opt out if I want to. GW isn't saying it's offering that option yet, so we will see. And they have yet to really explain how this even works. If another member is able to take my posts and link them to another site, which I'm sure that will be the case, then I will be out of here.

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I agree with Rita and have posted my feelings on each forum that requested input. I may be wrong but I think what will happen is once a post is shared on facebook and there is no security or limiting who will see it, then any and everyone on facebook will have access to the forum. There are millions of people on facebook, and they are not all nice. I have seen some pretty disturbing posts on public websites that are linked to facebook. So much so that I no longer go to public facebook pages. Kitchenaid used to have a forum that was a wonderful place to share your experiences with Kitchen-aid products, recipes, and other ideas similar to what we do here, they went to facebook and closed the forum. It became mainly an advertisement for Kitchenaid products and so many people were commenting on it that it became a nightmare to navigate. It lost it's "community" feel and I am afraid that the same thing will happen here. There were no more discussions on one topic that we are so used to here, that kind of thing does not happen on facebook. I too will no longer post if things I post here show up on a facebook page. FYI, I do have a facebook page, and I am very limiting on who my "friends" are and what I share. I do not consider the "cousin of someone I went to grammar school with 50 years ago" or the "friend of a friend of a friend" to be my friend. There are a lot of privacy issues within facebook and if you do not set your controls any and everything about you is available to any and everyone. I simply do not like that. With this current direction of GW, my control will be lost and I will no longer post either.

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I hope it doesn't come to that, but I do understand your concerns. I am not a fan of FB either.

From visitng the other forums on GW I haven't read very many that are saying OK, maybe they will take our opinions into consideration.

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I thought I would post a link to the discussion on the Kitchens Forum - Tamara initially had the bar in the 1st post, so people could play with it. She did remove it. People are NOT in favor of the bar. Her response is toward the end of the posts. And a very good reminder/warning to be careful what you post on the forums, even without the social clickable media bar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Social Media Bar

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Thanks for the link Marsha! I do not post anything that I care if the world sees BUT I still like my wee bit of control.

Anyone can read our posts and copy our pics any time they want too, if that makes them happy, go for it!

I will continue to post pics from PB - and I realize that anyone can copy a pic I have posted and it can still be on a site after I delete it from PB.

The fun of having a public online forum means just that and anyone can join easily. I hope that this does not affect our forum negatively - some had mentioned in the past that they did not feel comfortable posting pics - hopefully some still will! I enjoy sharing and looking at the projects our members are working on and finish. Sometimes I really need the inspiration!!!

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I read the link that Marsha posted (thank you!). Someone commented that pictures are geo-tagged. Is this true? If so, does it happen when the picture is taken, or when the picture is posted? Maybe this is a question for the computer help forum - I didn't even know there was such a thing, but I think that is soon to be my 2nd favorite forum. LOL

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