remodeling kitchen cabinet doors

Janice757September 11, 2013

I have medium-dark brown stain on my kitchen cabinets. I don't know if it is an oil based stain or not. I have two options I am considering. Either painting, the whole cabinets, or putting stained glass just on the doors. I read that to paint I just have to clean them with 2 types of cleaners, I don't remember which kinds. Then use a primer and one or two coats of glossy paint. I would be using medium-dark green. My other option is to put stained glass on the inner part of the outside of the doors, either over the stain. Or else over the paint. My doors don't have a part on the inside that you can knock out, or cut out to glue in a pane of glass. The doors are all one piece of wood. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a type of glue to hold the glass to the outside of the cabinet door, either over the stain, or over the paint. And if over the stain would I need to use primer on the door first? Also, could there be holes drilled through the four corners of the glass and wood to bolt the glass to the door too? Would that even necessary with the glue too? Thanks so much! I really appreciate any advice, my husband does not work on the house, only me, and he couldn't help me with my questions. Anyway it's kind of a surprise what I'm going to do. Thanks!

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Well lets see, oh yeh, it's mentioned a couple of times at the top of the page...I found it...."search" and then there's the "painting honey oak cabinets" thread, lower in this forum, which may have similar suggestions.

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Have you thought about refacing your cabinet doors? I started to paint them but decided to go with this company Dayoris. They did a really good job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dayoris Custom

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