Cultured marble install price help needed

southernstitcherSeptember 6, 2013

$1800 for Bathroom one, and $1900 for bathroom two. Tear out is $175 each. I thought that was too high, and started looking elsewhere.

The local cultured marble shop (in business 30 years) has recently quoted half that, and is asking if the contractor will work with them, since he's removing a window in one bath and replacing it with glass block. She wants to coordinate this with him, but he won't. He says he is not charging a contractor fee, among other reasons. He's given me fair quotes on other things - removing popcorn ceiling and painting - carpet install, etc. He's starting on that part next week and the CM install won't happen till after that, so I still have time to scratch it.

In the other bath, he has to replace the sheetrock, skim and paint. I was thinking I'd just let him do that and then let her come to do the CM. Local CM lady said no big deal they replace CM all the time, and no damage to the sheetrock.

Does anyone see a problem with having him put the glass block in, and then let the local shop do the CM install? I guess there could be finger pointing later if I have a leak. Is his price outrageous? I live in La. Thanks for any input.

Thanks for any input!

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"...removing popcorn ceiling." Have you had the popcorn ceiling tested for asbestos? This was very commonly used in such ceilings and improper removal will contaminate your house and pose potential health problems for your family. If the contractor is not a specialist in this area, I suggest you check out the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Popcorn ceiling removal

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kudzu9, yes we have already checked that, and we're fine. Thanks for the input anyway!

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sorry double post

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Where is the cultured marble going? Is it a counter top or trim around the window?
I'm trying to understand where you're worried about a leak......around the window or under a sink.

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Yes, it's not clear where the cultured marble is going. But, you are taking a BIG risk here acting as the general contractor and hiring the subs yourself. That means that YOU are on the hook for making sure that the area is properly waterproofed and detailed. If this is a CM shower surround, you need to draw up design documents that show how the details of the waterproofing is to be done so that both parties understand. If you're not up to that, then let the contractor use the original CM place, under his supervision, and then HE will be responsible for the whole thing maintaining watertight integrity.

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Sorry -- it's for two standard size tub surrounds. Thanks for mentioning the water tight aspect. I didn't even consider that. I will ask the contractor to ensure that his very high quote includes the proper materials for that.

However, one other thing that I wanted to ask about was the fact that last year in Aug, he quoted us $1200 and $1400 for this, and 3 months later came back after revising the bid for other things, with a 35% increase in price, to what is listed in my first post.
I just discovered that looking at the first two bids from him. I'm now wondering why on earth the CM could have gone up that much in a three month period.

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Good to hear that.

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So............ you're going to install only tub surrounds, no showers involved, with holes pre-drilled for faucets? Will the CM be used only on the horizontal surface area of the tubs or will it wrap around the sides? After the CM is installed is your GC willing to come back and finish the plumbing?
I still don't understand where you think you will have leak problems.

I would first sit down with the contractor and ask him to explain his pricing, and ask why his quote is so much higher than the supplier's. Is his quote including any carpentry/plumbing work or just the price of the CM + install?

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It's only around three sides of the tub on the wall. Yes there will be cuts for a faucet and center wall mounted shower diverter. I'm not the one worried about leaks, it's the contractor worried, since he is removing a small window that the CM has to be cut around. He's installing glass blocks there. He says he guarantees his work and doesn't want to get intros finger pointing thing with the other contractor.
I can understand that. He is going to see what he can do with the price. He said there were other things that jumped in price too.

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